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App description: Pulse: Reloaded is a rhythm based music game with stylized monochromatic visuals and an electronic soundtrack. Simply tap the screen when the ball is in the goal to earn points. Be careful though, it's harder than it sounds! The ball must be completely inside of the goal in order to score. Good luck!

-Features 9 levels with 9 separate music tracks
-Gameplay goes in sync with the music*
-Includes 5 different gamemodes: Campaign, Arcade, Classic, Time Trial, and Practice
-12 leaderboards and 18 achievements
-Score based unlockables
-Customize your experience with special options
-Will be updated frequently with free new features and general improvements
-No ads

-Inverse mode upon clearing the campaign. This inverts most of the colors in the game.
-Six differently colored balls to spice up the graphics. These are unlocked upon clearing certain levels and can be randomized.
-An entirely different set of balls that can also be randomized. These are unlocked upon getting 3 stars in every level.
-Four extra music tracks for use in Arcade, Classic, Time Trial, and Practice. Like the colored balls, these are unlocked upon completing certain levels.

This game is exclusive to iOS.

*Synchronization is not perfect, but it works pretty well with most of the music. The synchronization system will be improved with future updates. Time Trial mode is not synchronized due to its time limited nature and the variation of balls spawned based on the music track.
07-15-2014, 06:54 PM
Sound interesting. Anyone tried this ?
07-15-2014, 07:07 PM
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Music based games are pretty cool but the graphics look like they could do with some work.