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App description: Its time to don your magician cloak and grab a seator stand, it really doesnt matter, Legend of Brightness has been released on the App Store!

Legend of Brightness is a strategic and magical game filled with medieval elements. The game focuses heavily on a collaborative team effort and presents the player with many recruitable team members which can result in hundreds of different team formation combinations. When creating your personal hero the player will have the option of selecting from an elf, dwarf, or an orc.

Legend of Brightness also includes a hint of role-playing elements which include: hero and building leveling and hundreds of different items that can be used to power up your hero making them a formidable advocacy. Formations will be a fresh change from traditional tactical role-playing games and will not only influence the strength of your team but the number of team members you can have on the field during combat.

Legend of Brightness offer their players the option of using its in-game live chat channel to communicate with other players from around the world. By using this option you can send a quick message to every global player saying Hello or you can use it for requesting help on a mission.

Its time to begin your journey and explore this unknown word that is in desperate need of a hero. I offer you a quick piece of advice adventurer; by controlling the resources, you control the world. Now rally your troops and fight against the evil forces!


Additional features of gameplay include:
8 unique formations which provide hundreds of troop combinations
Spectacular scenes with a compelling narrative
A Legion Dungeon which offer its champions the gift of advanced equipment
Live chat through different channels allowing instantaneous interaction with other players
An elaborate tutorial for players who are new to the game
A real-time arena which pits you against other players in head-to-head combat and offers you a chance to receive special rewards
Deep tactical role-playing elements which include: resource collection, researching, hero training, and equipment leveling
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