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App description: Control your train and collect all the cargo in 50 amazing levels. Try to find the shortest path to gate with the least steps.

Train HD tests your logical thinking and the ability to predict several steps forward.

The principle is based on the classic Snake game enhanced by obstacles.

Video more than thousand words:

In each round is a set of objects that need to collect in order, and to finish with the fewest number of steps.

** 50 amazing levels **
There's 50 amazing levels with increasing difficulty.

** 2 types of control **
Use arrows or swipe the direction you want the train to go.

** 2 game modes **
There is MANUAL mode which is easier to play, and AUTOMATIC mode when the train is moving automatically and you have to change train's direction in a right time.

** 3 speeds in automatic mode **
You can switch between SLOW, MEDIUM and FAST speed within the game by touching speed icon in the upper left corner.

dedeon's comments:

dedeon is back with revised Cargo Train which is now Train HD.
It's FREE with some major improvements such as AUTOMATIC & MANUAL mode, 3 speed levels in AUTOMATIC mode, swipe and arrows controls.

Principle is simple: try to find the shortest path to the gate and collect every cargo.

MANUAL mode is much easier, you can think out every single step before you move your train.
In AUTOMATIC mode you have to plan whole trace and turn the train in right time. If the train is too slow or too fast for you, simply change it's speed in top panel.