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iNaruto -- game ideas

08-29-2009, 05:34 AM
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iNaruto -- game ideas

Disclaimer -- this is not an announcement, or a project currently in development just sharing my ideas hope you enjoy them


iNaruto should be a game where you can create your own Ninja/avatar.

-You can customize the way the Ninja looks
-choose an affinity to a specific chakara nature type (earth, wind, fire, lighting, ect)
-choose a village/clan
-choose from the available style/types from each village

*more details in next post


the dojo mode is a mix of mini games and practice fights (with bots) that you can play to level up your Ninja and hone your skills without having to fight online against other players.

-mini games will level up your character skills/abilities
-the practice fights are there to sharpen player skill but they dont level up your character

*more details in next post


The fighting will play out all online in 1 on 1 fights either wifi/3G or locally via bluetooth these fights will be turn based but not in the traditional sense....

at the beginning of the match there will be a dice roll or some kinda guessing game. the winner will get to choose between having the first move or waiting until next turn to get the first move and after each turn the players will switch from having the first move to not having the first move switching back and forth until the match is over.

for each turn both players will select 4 commands to execute

2 turns will work like this:

First turn-- each player selects 4 commands

- 1 -- player A (first move) executes first command, player b executes first command

- 2 -- Player A executes command 2 and command 3 back to back, player B executes command 2 and command 3 back to back

- 3 -- player A executes final command, player B executes final command

- end turn

Second turn-- each player selects 4 commands

- 1 -- Player B executes first command, player A executes first command

- 2 -- player B executes 2 commands back to back, Player A executes 2 commands back to back

- 3 -- player B executes final command, and player A executes final command

- end turn

it will repeat like that until the match is over..........

commands can be:

-items -- kunai, kunai bomb tags potions ect (each player can only bring X amount of items into the match...chose wisely)
-blocking -- reduces damage (block once to activate substitution jutsu for the rest of the turn there is only a 50/50 chance that it will substitute tho)
-attack with weapon/hand to hand (drains no chakara)
-use jutsu offensively or defensively use jutsu defensively and it will absorb X amount of damage for 2 turns using jutsu offense/defense drains chakara
-summon -- there will be 2 types of summons - quick summons and strong summons. the quick summons are like single commands they come out do their thing and then go away, strong summons stay out for the entire turn
-charge -- regains small amount of chakara


when both players execute attack or offensive jutus

attack clash -- if both gamers execute attack commands a clash will occur prompting a rock, paper scissors event

-if player wins does average damage and takes low damage
-if both players pick the same thing both players will take low damage

jutsu clash -- the jutsu clash will depend on elemental weakness/compatibility and level of the jutsu

if there is a weakness the player with that weakness will need a higher level to absorb some of the damage and in some cases each jutsu will cancel each other out or one player will take less/more damage then the average of that jutsu depending on how the elements play out

general details

-you gain experience for just participating in fights online
-as you win battles you gain points these points are like your matchmaking points they work kinda like how they do in street fighter ranked matches the more you have the higher up your go on the scoreboard if you win you earn points lose and you lose points the amount of points your earn or lose depends on the difference between your points and the points of the opponent you faced in battle
-items dont need to be bought they are supplied you can only bring X amount of items into battle as you level up you gain access to better items

*more details in next post

social networking

the social networking will revolve around 4 things

-tournament mode

The profile

The ninja that users create will represent them on the iNaruto social network as their avatar if you will, if there is any integration i.e facebook connect ect some of the bio information will be imported or filled in as the Ninjas bio available for anyone to see. the bio information will be limited to gender, age and relative location. if there is no integration this information can be entered manually. users will be able to browse other users profiles to friend request challenge, rematch report ect

The network

The network aspect will be comprised of friends of course you can build out a network of friends and challenge them, and the villages that your ninja is a part of that way just by creating a ninja your already a part of a network think of the social aspect of the villages as groups and from these group a community will begin to develop and from this community a safe environment for some communication and organization between complete strangers will occur instantly adding valuable content to the game such as community driven tips and tricks and social events which leads me to the tournament game mode.


this game needs integration with plus+, openfient or scoreloop that way integration between the game and social networks like facebook/twitter can be seamless as well as integration between the iNaruto network and the network of the service itself

tournament game mode

this mode is for socially driven game play experiences clans/villages vs clans/villages. The fight/duel mode is a generic matchmaking online experience just anyone fight anyone. the tournament mode is a separate mode that will compliment the social network, that way the social network will be used to easily promote/organize these events to other users on the network and the tournament mode is how you join/create these events.

and thats it just throwing some ideas out there......

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08-29-2009, 06:03 AM
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battle system -- follow up

the reason i went with a RPG turn based formula and came up with a very deep and complex online turn based battle system which took me a couple hours to flesh out....is because i figured a turn based RPG battle system would be easier to scale and have better online performance on both 3G and wifi but still have awesome animations and amazing 3D cell shaded graphics as well

the way i imagined it would work is that after the initial loading/syncing of how our ninja looks and and our ninjas stats the battle would start in a matter of secs and lets say i won the toss and decided to go with the first turn, then you and me would have 15 secs each to select our commands for the first turn i would select my 4 commands you would select your 4 commands if either of us didnt select the commands before time ran out the commands would be selected automatically then my commands would sync with your commands quick fast and in a hurry and that data would get processed on the device in a matter of secs and the animations will play flawlessly on both of our devices with lag not even being an issue...i mean thats how i imagined it

but to be honest i just came up with the concepts for the online turn based system like as i was writing the post i keep adding new stuff so i need to give it some more consideration and i might need to tweak a few details but from a performance perspective im assuming that there shouldn't be any lag issues or problems and if there isn't the system that i created feels like it would be solid gameplay experience maybe not as much action as naruto game fans are used to but definitely something new and different that should appeal to both RPG and Naruto fans.

what do you guys think?

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08-29-2009, 07:13 AM
Its not a bad idea, but i think you just wasted your time. lol. I dont think anyone will make a naruto game.
08-29-2009, 09:54 AM
Cubytes, very imaginative and detailed thoughts there! I like a lot of the concepts you have, especially the turn based nature of combat. I'm a big fan of turn based gaming on the iPhone, and my next few game releases will continue the trend I started with Rogue Touch.

Yournothere- someone would most definitely make a Naruto game if they could acquire the rights to do so cheaply enough to make money back in the App Store. Hell, I would do it if the rights were available, I'd be a hero to my stepkids and all their friends

Please do continue to elaborate on your game here, I am intrigued.

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08-29-2009, 03:03 PM
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thx guys

I appreciate the feedback and will continue to update the post with ideas as they come to me

thx guys

08-29-2009, 05:26 PM
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Jutsu --

-there will be jutsus for offense
-there will be jutsus for defense
-jutsus that have added status effects
- and combination jutsus that can be used when a summon is present

wind --

offense examples:
-wind sickle

defense examples --

wind wall that surrounds character with a persistent wall of wind that lasts for 2 turns, the wall will deflect kunai/bombtags and lessen the damage you take from physical attacks


status effects --

positive - infuse wind nature chakara into your weapons to increase the attack power of your physical attacks for the rest of the battle

wind dust -- kick up dust clouds or clouds of debris with your wind to lower the accuracy of your opponents attacks basically blinding them for a turn

combination --

you can use wind with a fire summon type to dramatically increase the damage of the summon attack


offensive -- fireball jutsu, flamethrower jutsu ect

defensive - wildfire use the fireball jutsu to set the immediate area on fire for 2 turns causing smoke and ash to lower the accuracy of your opponent but it will also lower your accuracy as well. it will also cause damage to your opponent when they try to attack you with physical attack and be carefull fires are unpredictable and will spread for two turns sometimes damaging you and your opponent or just you or just your opponent at random

positive status effect heat up your weapons with fire to increase the damage as well as cause a negative burn effect

negative is the burn effect when you do your fire jutsu or attack with a fire heated weapon you will sometimes cause the opponent to burn and take constant damage until the burn is healed with a potion or something.

combination use with summons to greatly increase the damage of both jutsus


offense --

-water ball which envelops the opponent in a ball of water choking them
-eruption cause an eruption of super heated water to erupt from right under the opponent

-water wall
-ground soak -- use water to soak the ground around you decreasing the accuracy and damage of opponents that try to physically attack you

-negative -- mist lowers accuracy of your opponent without lowering your accuracy
-positive -- shower yourself with water to nullify the effects of burn for rest of the battle and slowly heal yourself for the rest of the turn

combination use with summons to greatly increase the power

there is also earth, lighting, as well as shadow possession, and medical ninjutsu, bugs?, dogs?

anyways you get the idea each nature type or ninja type will have multiple ways to use their justu either defensively, offensively or to activate positive/negative status effects....

summons --

- giant tigers, frogs, slugs. snakes ect

there is quick summons and strong summons -- quick summon does an attack then goes away after the command is finished. a strong summon stays out for 2 turns but doesn't attack or anything just gets summoned, having a summon out will allow you to use combination and special jutsus from your summon that will be listed in the menu as long as the summon is still out
08-29-2009, 05:30 PM
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Leveling up/learning jutsu's

as you gain xp from fighting online or playing mini games your base stats will increase HP chakara, attack power defense ect to learn new jutsus/summons and upgrade attributes you can assign skill points to a license board/ninja scroll
08-29-2009, 05:35 PM
wait, your not making this right? Why are you taking so much time thinking of these ideas? Dont you think your just wasting time if no one makes a game with these ideas? Im not saying you shouldnt write your suggestions, but i dont really think anyone will make a naruto game...
08-29-2009, 05:56 PM
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I say drop the Naruto name (license issues), but keep everything as it is. I like what I'm seeing. Shame I don't own a mac to attempt to do any iphone programming.

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08-29-2009, 05:58 PM
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game modes/business model info


The village -- is the social aspect mode. This is where you can chat with friends or other ninjas from your village in the village chat room, submit/review forum threads, check all the events (tournaments, sm marketing events) that are taking place publically across the village or privately between you and your firneds. you can review events details and join the event possibly even set it up to schedule an alert to inform you when its about to take place. You can also create and promote events from this mode to all of your friends on the iNaruto network, to all of your friends on the social service network and of course all of your friends on facebook/twitter via integration and you can also make it a public event and promote it across the village that your ninja is a part of.

The sm marketing events and sponsored tournaments (sponsored by ads of course) will be pay to play you change real money into ryu and you have to use X amount of ryu to join the pro tournaments, and if you make it in the top 3 you will win ryu as a prize

omitting the tournament mode and just having that functionality be a part of the village mode

Dojo -- this is where you will train and practice, in this mode there will be TONS of mini games that you can play to level up your ninja without having to actually fight online. the practice mode is where you go up against AI opponents and practice your strategies and different tactics

Arena --
online generic matchmaking and this is how you will set up local bluetooth matches......there is only one mode and its ranked


this is where you convert money to ryu via in app purchases then you can use that ryu to buy ninja scrolls or ninja packs in the store, the packs will include new outfits and designs/looks for ninjas as well as new mini games and a new map or two for the arena.