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App description: == KingdomZ ==
KingdomZ is a strategy simulation game with innovative gameplay mechanics. Build your own kingdom by forming the strongest army!
- Enjoy strategy simulation with tap and draw mechanic. Command your own army to compete with opponents!
- Enjoy PvP mode with players all over the world. Attack other kingdoms and take their resources to build even more powerful army!
- Various and unique heroes! Use their powerful skills to fight your enemies.
- Exciting single play missions with remarkable AI. Enemy heroes controlled by AI use skills and tactics to threaten your troops!
- Enjoy 280+ single play missions. Obtain Gems by clearing PvE stages!

== Battle System of KingdomZ ==
Tap and drag a unit youd like to move. The selected unit will follow the path destroying anything that stands in its way! You can either pre-order each units strategy or change your tactics during the battle.

== Tap and Draw Hero Skills! ==
Casting hero skills is as simple as tap and draw, too. Select a skill to cast, and draw a line on the battlefield to cast powerful magic skills!

== Gameplay Tips ==
- Completing single play PvE missions grants Gems. Gem is a very important type of resource needed for hiring heroes and saving building time.
- Formation of camps is also a very important factor. If you keep losing to an opponent who has similar level & size of army, try changing your formation.
- Only higher level Inn can accommodate high level heroes. For upgrading hero level, you only need to pay the difference instead of having to pay the whole.
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Hmm... This actually looks unique for a Clash of Clans clone. Maybe it's a good thing.