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Booommm :: Explosive Black & White Pixel Arcade Game

07-25-2014, 10:05 PM
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Booommm :: Explosive Black & White Pixel Arcade Game

Hey everyone! My name is David and I craft games as WhiteSponge. If you have heard of me, that's because I have made Small Chronicles, Folo Hearts and YYYYY.

This will be the development blog for the new game that I am making - Booommm.

As suggested by the title, Booommm will be in black and white. In Booommm, you will have to clear as many bombs as you can before one of them explodes, or if the timer bar runs out.

With Booommm, I am also live streaming its game development process on TwitchTV. If you want to catch the live streaming, it will be on every Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 8pm to 11pm EST.

Booommm - Day 1 of Crafting

The first day of Booommm was when I stepped out of my comfort zone and live streamed the game development on TwitchTV for the first time.

If you watched the highlight above, there wasn't much game development done in the first day. In fact, there were a lot of brainstorming and planning beforehand.

Usually before I start on developing the game itself, I would create a list of tasks to do to get to the goal of releasing of the game. So if you have watched the highlight above, some of the tasks might look like:

- Layout the logo scene
- Create StartUp Manager to boot start the game
- Layout the starting/main scene
- Create Data Manager to manage the database (also to retrieve the current high score)

I would usually give myself a deadline for each of these tasks. Doing so would allow me to stay on schedule and be productive as much as possible.

So if you were wondering why is the game in black and white? That's because I want you to focus more on the gameplay itself than the game's visuals. I'm not saying that the visuals themselves aren't important though.

With Booommm I am trying to achieve a pixel and minimalistic look. In other words, trying to show more with less

So what do you think about Day 1 of Booommm? Do remember to subscribe to this thread and follow me on TwitchTV!
07-29-2014, 09:18 AM
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Booommm - Day 4 of Crafting

So if you haven't heard, on top of being developed live on TwitchTv, Booommm's base gameplay will be undergoing some changes to make it easier to learn.

On top of being in pure black and white, Booommm's focus is really on its gameplay. While the original idea was to have you move around to get all the bombs from touching them, it has now evolved to something simpler.

Now, you will have to attempt to click/tap on the enemies while they bounce off each other and the walls. While this seems really simple at first glance, the game's difficulty will increase exponentially with each passing second.

As with before, each clicked/tapped enemy will net you 1 point and 1 second on the timer bar. However, the timer bar decreases rather rapidly so it gets harder with the enemies moving faster and faster. This change is to simplify the gameplay so that it will be easier to pick up but extremely hard to master.

So what do you think? Do you think you can beat my legit high score of 27 using your mouse?
08-06-2014, 10:10 PM
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Booommm - Day 7 of Crafting

So it has been 3 days since the last update. After adding Booommm's gameplay mechanic, it is time to finally add some music and sound effects to the game .

However, instead of having a usual looping background theme, I have actually create 4 different singular midi-like notes that will play one by one with a fixed interval delay between.

Now the purpose of doing so is to create a dynamic background music. This will allow the music's tempo to increase when the timer bar is reaching zero, thereby causing a more tense situation towards the end.

This is accomplished from gradually decreasing the delay between playing each note. The pitch of each note is also gradually increased as the timer bar decreases to aid in the intensifying effect.

On top of that, I have also added the sound effect for when a robot explodes. If you watch the live stream highlight above, it will sound like playing a retro arcade game ^^

And lastly when the game ends (game over), all the robots will explode at once so prepare your ears for that huge explosion effect!
08-15-2014, 04:29 AM
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It's finally been decided! Booommm will be out this coming August 28th in two weeks time! For both iOS and Android!

Here's a little trailer for your entertainment

08-19-2014, 11:15 AM
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Sweet, cool, minimalistic ..

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