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[BIG GUIDE] A Beginner's guide to base building:The Dos and Don'ts of making a base

07-26-2014, 05:02 AM
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[CoC Guide] A Beginner's guide to base building:The Dos and Don'ts of making a base


These are common mistakes that beginners make with their base.

Layering your walls
(The Layered walled base)

So you might think that having multiple layers of walls is good, right? I mean every troop has to fight though all the walls so that will waste time so that's good, right? The short answer is that it's good, but only against single target troops (like barbarians and archers). Wall breakers can do splash damage against walls, so they can destroy multiple walls at once.

Building your base on the sides of the map
(The Side/Corner base)

This is one of the most common mistakes that new clashers make. Building your base against a corner or side is a bad idea because troops can spawn on the dark green patches of grass. In fact Supercell takes advantage of this in the goblin level natural defense, which seemingly forces you to attack from the bottom of the base when you can just spawn troops on the top and destroy the air defense to make sure that your balloon is safe to 3-star the mission.(Red is where Supercell wants you to spawn,
Green is where you can really spawn,take out that Air defense, and 3-star the mission with a balloon)

Surrounding your entire base with walls

(The 'Stuffed' base)

Another example of a common mistake that Clash newcomers make (I call it stuffed because you're 'stuffing' the base with all of your buildings). Attackers could easily break the first layers of wall and then have the freedom to destroy the rest of you base. See the white lines in the base? Well within those white lines are the spaces that spots that troops are allowed to spawn on(you might of saw it on the side/corner base)

Make empty 3X3 compartments in your base

See that red circle in those walls? That little spot is where troops can spawn in your base. Every building has a one tile no-spawn radius around them(as shown below). but see that hidden tesla? there is not any no-spawn radius around them. So contrary to popular belief, teslas do not block the empty spot, so troops can spawn in there, even with the tesla there (same thing applies to traps, as seen below)



Make your base with multiple compartments

Make your base with multiple cells or compartments, it will be harder for the attacker to 3-star your base and it will protect your buildings more. [Side note: you don't have to put every thing in its own compartment, its ok to leave some buildings out like army camps, barracks, mines and pumps, lab, builder's huts, and spell factory]

Centralizing your Clan castle

Even though it might not seem like it, the clan castle is one of the most important buildings and the most powerful defense in the game, centralizing the clan castle will make it harder for people to draw out the troops and will ruin their raid (because the clan castle troops will kill the attacker's troops )[Thanks Hannibal!]


Funneling, even though it's not necessary (red circles), will dismantle your opponent's attack. Due to the predictble AI of some troops (example; this base will do good againist mass giant attacks). Funneling is a way of killing troops by bunching them up on your traps. Even if it's not necessary in the beginning, it's a good
strategy to use when you are farther in Clash of clans (like Town Hall 8)[This thread explains funneling in more detail than i did:

Protecting splash damage defenses!

Don't do this:

What i circled in red is the mortar's 'dead zone'. which is the area where the mortar can't attack anything, so protect the mortars, spred them out,and combat this by putting your mortar near the center of your base, like this!:

Spread out your single target (point) defenses

Don't do this:

What I circled (in black) are the ranges of single target defenses, was you see, the point defenses are unbalenced on the base, also they're bunched up (cannons right next to cannons and archer towers right next to archer towers). Just because you're concentrating your defenses at one point doesn't mean that it will stop the attacker, it might even make it easier for high-heath troops to destroy the denfenses. Instead, spread out your point defenses and make it harder for attackers to detroy your defenses early, like this!

Staggering walls:

Staggering walls is an adavanced technique that will make your attacker's wall breakers go anywhere but the area the attacker wants them to. Look at the photo, light blue is the area were the attacker spawns wall breakers, black is where the wall breakers will first go, red is where the attacker wants the wall breakers to blow up and open a path towards the middle, green is where the wall breakers will really go. This also explains why champions always bring 20-30 wall breakers to their attacks.

(Updating ...)
(Source: Forum Supercell)

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