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The Game of Life or Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

View Poll Results: What Should I Buy?
The Game of Life (Electronic Arts) 5 11.90%
Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (Tiger Style) 33 78.57%
Neither/Wait for Something Else 4 9.52%
Voters: 42. You may not vote on this poll
08-30-2009, 01:08 PM
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The Game of Life or Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

I have $15.52 in my iTunes account, and I want to have enough money for when Modern Combat: Sandstorm (gameloft's upcoming first person shooter.) After my calculations, I realize if I want to get Sandstorm, I can only get one of these two games (The Game of Life or Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor), but I don't know which one to get.

They both look extremely enjoyable, but I am unsure of which to buy. I want the game with replay value, good gameplay, and I don't want something short, I don't want something the developers will never update to add content if the game is short to start with, and I don't want something I'll play for 2 days and never play again. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? I just want a game that will entertain me, and not something that has -- levels and nothing to do when you beat the game. Please help me out!

If both these games aren't good (gameplay wise, fun, length), then please reccomend something else/tell me to wait. If you need any more clarification for what I'm trying to say, let me know! Thanks!!!
08-30-2009, 02:17 PM
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No contest. Current poll results speak volumes.

(100% for Spider atm)

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08-30-2009, 03:03 PM
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I don't have Life but I have played other board games on the iPod and I have spider. As Midian said, there is really no contest. To me board games just aren't that great when not on a board haha.
08-30-2009, 03:24 PM
On the topic of Spider, whats better: Spider or Wolf RPG?

Sorry for posting, just seems silly to post a thread about it when I could just ask here
08-30-2009, 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by Alichan76 View Post
Both great....and very different! I got more fun out of Wolf myself. Spider is really a casual 'dip in' sort of game, whereas Wolf sucks you in...
Yeah, I really didn't see the big thing about Spider as it seemed pretty repititive but Wolf also seemed short with only (9?) levels but I dunno
08-30-2009, 06:14 PM
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Buy Spider.
08-30-2009, 06:17 PM
you should get parker a giftcard lolz. i guess spider

Originally Posted by zoo View Post
Something along the lines of "You have bought 10 hats! A new hat is available for purchase in the store". But no hat.

Edit: I realize I am overly concerned about this hat.
08-30-2009, 06:58 PM
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Easy answer - Spyder - good game - plenty of content.

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08-30-2009, 07:48 PM
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Chances are MC:S is gonna be $7 so you should get Gangstar, because it is incredible, and that. However, I personally think Livefire/Killtest is going to be superior to MC. However, they both look great

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08-30-2009, 08:24 PM
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spider is pretty cool, i like showing people that game

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