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"This game is amazing and crazy addictive!"

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Looking for a simple, addictive game that is easy to pick up and play? Look no further. Please Miss is a simple yet addicting game that revolves around bouncing balls. Simply drag on screen to drop one. Then drop another! How many levels can you make it without two colliding?

Endless Mode: The ultimate test of skill and reflexes. Each passing level requires not only a higher ball count but also an increased ball speed. Keep going until you can't possibly win!

Sandbox Mode: Play around with five different physics traits in a sandbox environment! You can modify any of the following ball physics attributes: SPEED, BOUNCINESS, GRAVITY, FRICTION, and MASS. The possibilities are endless!

Timed Mode: You only have two minutes! Better make them count! How high can you get before time runs out?

NiceDude's comments:

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07-27-2014, 08:15 PM
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Played a few games.

Please Miss is simple but fun, and trickier than it may look in screenshots or the trailer. Your goal is to simply drop a set number of balls on the screen; the balls bounce around and every time you release a ball, the orientation switches between bouncing left/right and up/down. You must time and position the balls so none intercept. This means you soon have a hectic screen full of balls barely missing each other in oddly satisfying precisely timed patterns. It's easy when you only have to place 3 balls, but can you handle 8, 10, and ever more?

Please Miss is a game of timing and patterns and precision. It offers three modes: Endless (each level requires you place more balls to succeed), Timed (place as many balls as you can in 120 seconds), and Sandbox (tweak and play with all kinds of variables). Please Miss is a fun high score game that offers challenge through simplicity

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