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App description: Prepare for addiction!

Spend seconds learning, and hours enjoying as you embark on this breathtaking adventure into the world of slightly slanted rectangles.

A crazily addictive game with a simple task:
move the shapes to their correct colour track before they hit the edge.

With a gorgeous user interface and tailor-made colour scheme, you'll never want to turn away from the screen.

If you've ever wondered how exciting parallelograms could be... you're in the right place!

Customer reviews:

"I started playing Crazy Jam yesterday, i think, i dont know anymore. I just can't stop playing"

"I play this game on a slanted table to mimic the incredible shapes in the game, my iPhone falls on the floor a lot"

"My friends always call me Crazy James, so i've drawn "es" onto my iPhone screen and pretend this game is about my life"

"This is an insult to craziness everywhere" - Insane Eddie

NiceDude's comments:

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07-29-2014, 06:41 AM
Joined: Jul 2014
Posts: 246
Crazy Jam is a simple high score game. It reminds of a sideways "and then it rained". Four rows of colored blocks move across the screen and you must drags blocks to their correct rows before they reach the edge of the screen. And that's it. The game is very simple, speeds up fast, but once you've played a game or two, you've seen everything it has to offer. There are ads and IAP to remove the ads.