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"... Pewma its fun for everyone and really addictive!" - Mystery Gamer

A wonderful journey through South Americans roots created exclusively for mobile devices!

PEWMA means dream on the ancient Mapuche culture.

Take the challenge to the limit helping The Chaman to lift the spirit of dreams and fight for them dodging obstacles and using your abilities while you enjoy ancient Mapuches ceremonies.
Finding the light is not only your objective, but also your way to connect to them. Will you take the challenge?

The dreams dont rest and they never stop, but it is on your wisdom to guide them!
Take advantage of the powerups and be aware where you move.

Speed, music, reflexes, coordination, mix on a simple mechanic and a wonderful experience that will teach you that pewma is not only a game, it is a representation of the human spirit and an homage to our wise ancestors. We invite you to meet them!

If you have any problem with the app, write us to info@chimangogames.com . Tell us your problem, which device are you using and you OS. We will be glad to help you.

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Bilko's comments:

PEWMA. Mobile Arcade Game inspired by native South American Traditions

PEWMA. mobile arcade game inspired by native south american traditions
The objective of the game is to guide the light. During the ascent you will find obstacles that you must dodge employing all your skills, speed and reflexes. Speed is the key, if you go too fast or too slow, you will be in trouble!

Pewma means DREAMS, and it takes us back to ancient pre-columbian Mapuche culture, native inhabitants of Argentina and other countries in South America.

For them, the meaning of dreams is one of the pillars of their world view, philosophy and religion.

- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC3EE0RmqXc

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- iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pewma/id901259677?ls=1&mt=8

We invite you to meet PEWMA, the vision of a team of dreamers.