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App description: *Developed by CompileIT*
Test your coordination between fingers and reaction! TimeEaters is an exciting game for those who manage to stay calm in stressful situations.


Your goal is to touch little Touchy as often as you can, how good are your response capabilities? A master of TimeEaters relies on taking advantage of his explosives and laser gun. Good Luck!


Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Bertha live alone far from the civilization, where they conduct a very special farm. Not long ago all the animals escaped. You are little Touchy and have an old debt with the couple. To rid yourself of your debt you get the mission to collect all the animals that escaped. Alfred and Bertha had many different species. You have to be prepared to collect all kinds of animals, everything from wild bulls to ladybugs. A rumor says that they also had an alien, as well as remnants after a failed cloning experiment of yourself. You have to travel around and collect as many as you can. Dont spend time on the animals you have already found, time is short and you have to hurry. Your twin brother Pressie is currently living a backpackerlife and can support you in some cases, cooperation is the key! Once you have found all of a specie, the search continues! No one knows how many animals escaped, to save time you can dispose some of the animals with artillery. But keep it a secret, Alfred and Bertha will not like it!

If Alfred and Bertha gets thrilled by your performance you can be the lucky one and get a reward. Share your highscore with a screenshot, #TimeEaters and you might get very lucky!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CompileIT-AS/660248550707495
Instagram: TimeEaters


If you discover any bugs or got other enquiries, please contact: kontakt@compileit.no

Homepage: http://compileit.no/timeeaters

KentArneB's comments:
Hola all

Appname: TimeEaters
Link: App store link

We're a couple of students who have released our first IOS game. The goal was to develop a fun and addictive game, simple enough to be used for ALL ages ^^

Game description:
"Test your coordination between fingers and reaction! TimeEaters is an exciting game for those who manage to stay calm in a stressful situation."

Since we're students we cant afford using any money to get exposure. So hope some of you guys will take time to download and play it


Appreciate honest feedback! Feel free to contact.

Friendly, Kent Arne.
07-31-2014, 03:05 AM
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Since this is our first app, we're a bit insecure if the best keywords is chosen:

timeeaters, time eaters, game, funny game, fun, games, funny games, entertainment, time, exciting

Does this seem ok, or does anyone got a tip for other keywords?
08-01-2014, 03:04 AM
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