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App description: Ping Pang 2 is an original skill game. You have to beat the Pings as fast as you can if you want to reach the top spot in the ranking. Its originality is based on the way you play, shake your mobile device to beat the Pings. Train your skills and reflexes and collect the maximum amount of points!

Nobody plays the same way so find which is yours and win players across the world.

The app is pure entertainment and fun all the way, and is just perfect for any age.

Its designed for quick and casual fun.

tavernstudio's comments:

Hello future PingPang2 addict (we hope!),

We've just launched an innovative game in the apple store and thats the reason we are contacting with your team. It would be great if you spend one minute reading this email and testing our app. We think it will be worth because you will discover a new way to play games.

Ping Pang 2, the slogan of which is be faster be smarter, consists of hitting the Pings (the lovely characters of the game) as fast as you can. The faster you hit, the more points you get to reach the ranking top, but this is not as easy as it seems. The reaction time allowed is shortened by each new Ping, making the game more and more addictive.

Users will discover a new way of playing games. Ping Pang 2 takes your concentration skills to the limit with a simple move of your mobile device. Any distraction can make you lose. What is striking about this app is that nobody plays the same way. You have to find your best strategy to beat the other players.

As already mentioned, the top feature of the game is that you play by shaking your device, also the game is easy to understand so is just perfect for any age. This new kind of game can be played only through sound, so people with visual disabilities can also enjoy it.

Don't forget to turn on the sound of your mobile device!

Best regards,

Tavern Studio team