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iOS MFi controllers with excellent D-pad?

07-31-2014, 02:32 AM
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iOS MFi controllers with excellent D-pad?

I'm searching for an MFi controller that has an outstanding D-pad. Did you ever use original Nintendo NES or SNES controllers? I always felt like Nintendo protected their D-pads with a lot of patents, since I've never seen anything like that ever again:

  • Soft pressure point
  • No noises (though I've seen casual players pushing the pads so hard that they did make noises)
  • No rattling
  • Perfect diagonal input

Notably the Sony Playstation D-Pads are clearly inferior: You can't comfortably input diagonal directions. I also tried some Microsoft Sidewinder gamepads, which were better but it took too much pressure to push the buttons for long gaming sessions. A Logitech Controller for the PC was very rattly and produced loud click noises.

MFi controllers cost a lot, so I'm hesitant to buy any of those before I know the D-pads are of the same quality as good old Nintendo controllers. Maybe the Wii D-pads are still as good, never tried them.
07-31-2014, 05:44 PM
None of them have "Excellent" d-pads, because Apple requires they all use the circular analog d-pad design.

The upcoming Junglecat has the best d-pad of all of them, by far. The others aren't even in the same league.

It still has the circular design, which can't be helped. On the plus side, it is small enough to get precise control, and sensitive enough to not require too much pressure.

I'm also optimistic for the d-pad on the Horipad controller, which should be available late August or early September, and the d-pad on the Gamevice controller, which is apparently going to be a plus-shaped design (unless Apple forces a change)

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