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App description: A new exciting action RPG has just arrived!
Summon hundreds of characters who hold special abilities!
Explore the fantasy world with your strongest army!


"Abyss", a pit that legend says to be a gateway to the dark worlds,
was seal by gods, arcanians and humans in ancient time.

However, the seal was broken by a dreadful demon, "Maou", who emerges from the abyss.
Maou empowered the evil forces and started the war for domination.
Warriors stood up to defend their land, sadly they were no match to the invaders.
Live perished, the world sunk into chaos.

While everyone were losing their hope and faith, a ray of light shined from the sky.
A hero, a saviour emerged from it. He led the warriors to fight back, and finally darkness was drove out from the land.
Ever since whenever darkness befall, a new hero will descend from the sky to save the world.

And now, you are the chosen one...


# Simple Control
Drag and release your units to launch attacks on enemies!
Hit and trigger support skills to form varieties of skill combos!

# Powerful Finishing Skill
Units hold powerful "Active Skills",
unleash the skills at the right moment to change the complexion of the battle!!

# Assemble and train your team
Power up your warriors by fusion!
Collect legendary minerals such as philosopher's stones to evolve your allies!
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Looks familiar, doesn't it?

*cough* Monster Strike *cough*