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App description: Hate mondays? An explosive meteor shower is threatening the Earth and you're the last person that can protect the earth from a gigantic meteor shower. Your job is to destroy all the meteorites and create amazing chain reactions! Starstrike is a fun, addicting free and easy to play game that fits all ages!
- If you miss a single meteor, boom goes the earth.
- Simply tap the meteors to blow them up.
- Meteors destroy each other, and explode in various ways.
- Get chain reactions to massively multiply your score.
- The speed of the meteors and the pace of the game rise as you go along.
Starstrike is as easy as tapping the falling meteorites! With a bit of timing, you can create massive chain reactions supernovas and get crazy scores! The meteor has a lot in common with an old Nokia phone. Otherwise indestructible but can be turned off by pushing the right buttons. To prevent something awful like the destruction of the Earth from happening you must turn off the meteor shower by pushing the right meteors.
Get your highscore as high as possible! Large chain reactions gives you higher scores! You might not have much time, but if you choose the right meteor you might end up with awesome scores and chain-reactions that will blow your score to the other end of space!
The game currently supports the following languages:
Norwegian / Norsk
Swedish / Svenska
French / Français
Spanish / Español
Dutch / Nederlands
Finnish / Suomi
Icelandic / Íslenska
Portugese / Português
Chinese /
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