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App description: Ever dream of being a superhero? In this epic "Endless Earner" you'll need to tap your way to Fame and glory! Become a Legend and surround yourself with powerful Allies to take down the villainous scum!

Tap to gain Fame! Tap to gain Allies! Tap to purchase upgrades! Tap to defeat your Nemesis! Its all about tapping, so bring the Finger of Justice down on the super villains, and start gaining Fame today!

bghoward's comments:
New from InMotion Software, the creators of the I Dig It series of games, comes Hero Tap: The Finger of Justice. A new approach to idle games, it follows the rise of the Fairness League, an association of tongue-in-cheek super heroes, as they fight equally tongue-in-cheek crime. Tap to fight villains and increase your fame. Use that fame to bring in more heroes to the fight, and level up the ones you have.

Become a living legend! Bring the finger of justice down on super villains, and start gaining fame today!

This is a fun little project we put together over the last few weeks. If you are a fan of "Cookie Clicker" or "Make It Rain", etc check out Hero Tap. Oh yeah did I mention it's free?
08-04-2014, 09:47 AM
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We are already preparing a update and would like to hear from the users. We will watch this thread for thoughts and comments.

- emblazed