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App description: Bunny Dog is the FIRST arcade mixed with QUIZ game ever. Experience the funniest game, where you tilt and tap the screen to maneuver your Bunny Dog to avoid the thorny logs.

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Bunny Dog synthesizes two of your favorite lovable pets, (a dog and a bunny for those who may have needed a hint) and brings him on a journey of upward ascent. And in a similar vein it also synthesizes two fun games, an arcade game and a trivia game.

Our character boasts a lovable and curious demeanor as he floats higher and higher, and is controlled by the user utilizing highly intuitive tilt and tap controls. You must guide Bunny Dog past thorny logs, some of which remain in place, and some of which are constantly moving.

We can assure you, this is no easy challenge. You may get the hang of the controls for a little while; only to be thrown off balance by a rapidly moving log headed right your way! Luckily, theres a twist to keep you moving along.

Bunny Dog is a Fun Combination of an Arcade Game and a Trivia Game
Bunny Dog iPhone Game
If a log hits you, you can either start from the beginning or opt into a quick quiz. These quizzes are a chance to continue your journey where you left off and come from all across the questionnaire- spectrum.

You may be asked about Vincent van Gogh, or about the Beatles. You never know what type of question youll get when playing Bunny Dog.

Either way, the game itself is chock-full of twists and turns and demands your very best coordination to keep up. This one is going to be a favorite for children, why not?

For those who love games and have some young children to entertain, look no further than the adventures of Bunny Dog!