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App description: In 2012, National Geographic explorer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron embarked on a historic expedition to the deepest place on Earth. Now it's your turn.

On March 26, 2012, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence James Cameron piloted the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, currently the world's deepest diving manned submersible, to Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. He was only the third person in history to ever reach that point, and the first person to do so alone. His dive brought back images and samples that scientists are still studying today.

Now it's your turn. Recognizing your passion for exploration, National Geographic has named you the new pilot of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER. After months of training at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the largest private, non-profit oceanographic research institution in the world, you're ready to set sail.

Explorer Checklist:
+ Launch an epic expedition to explore the ocean's deep trenches
+ Pilot the world's deepest diving sub to the ocean's greatest depths
+ Steer through mazes of whales and jellyfish
+ Capture exotic sea creatures for science
+ Race to complete your mission before power runs out
+ Upgrade your sub for longer, deeper dives
+ Learn fun facts about the oceans and creatures of the deep

Discover more about the Expedition: Check out National Geographic's film DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D!

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08-04-2014, 03:53 PM
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Was just reading about this the other day. James dove down--get this------36,000 feet to the deepest part of the trench! Try to fathom that (pun intended) ! Found all kinds of species not seen before and even some kind of thing that might help Alzheimer's disease! He said he makes movies so he can afford to dive! Trip!!