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App description: Line 'em up to knock 'em out!

Treasure lies deep in the dungeonor so the legends say. Many adventurers have lost their lives to the weird, ferocious creatures that dwell beyond those forbidding walls, but you have a secret weapon: your trusty 23-calibre double-bladed combat-certified Slot Machine. Hit the jackpot to lay down devastating attacks. Go for broke with swords and enchantments, spin the reels to wield your shield, and lock in combos to win back life. But be careful: the denizens of the dungeon dont take kindly to strangers, and the deeper you delve, the harder they hit.

Dungeon Slots combines your love of dungeon crawling with the visceral satisfaction of a slot machine. Strategically lock in reels to line up attacks and combos, fight progressively powerful enemies, and earn your rank on the leaderboard. Dont forget to tip your hat to Lady Luck when she does you a favor; after all, in Dungeon Slots, youre betting with your life.

- Stunning 3D graphics for maximum monster slaying action!
- FREE gold recharges automatically!
- Attack, Enchant, Block, and Earn Credits by lining up the reels.
- Use Wildcard slots to enhance chains and create wicked combos!
- Deeply original and insanely compelling mash-up of two popular game genres.
08-05-2014, 03:01 AM
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I'm definitely hoping this gets a bit more attention, it's much more enjoyable than first impressions lead me to believe.

It's pretty similar in gameplay to Dungeon Plunder, which I view as a massive positive. Only instead of an old-school roguelike/slot machine combo, it's mixed with a traditional Dungeon Master-style RPG. If you're familiar with Dungeon Plunder then you'll settle in very quickly; you spin the reels up to three times per turn and try to match combinations of swords, magic, shields, gold, wildcards and hearts with predictable effects. There's really not a huge amount more to be said about the mechanics, simplicity isn't always a negative though.

It feels almost like an endless runner, in that you're pursuing a highscore rather than completing levels, quests or traversing a world map. When death finds you, and it will, you restart from the very beginning to beat yourself or your friends on Game Centre. Each victory moves you through a winding labyrinth and onto a new foe, of which there's a surprising variety. In my first life I encountered various jellies, knights, wolves, trolls and a few other nasties all of which are nicely animated and while they won't rival Infinity Blades monsters, they're charming and creative.

As much as luck is a massive controlling factor in these kind of games, it never feels like it lacks strategy. Enemies have varying resistances and if they hit you when your defences are down then you'll be left scrambling to match wildcards with defensive powers. There's no denying that it can be brutal, with the larger creatures capable of killing you in a couple of hits and resistances that all but render certain attacks impotent. It never feels impossible though - when you die, you'll either curse yourself or the luck of the draw rather than be frustrated.

Sadly, the game utilises a rather unfortunate F2P mechanic. Every spin uses coins and your funds are finite; your only method of recovering the coins are through matching gold symbols during play (which provides rather underwhelming results) or taking advantage of the bonus gold timer on the main menu. Once every four hours you can make a free spin for coins, I'm unsure if it's a set amount each time but my spin awarded 40 coins, roughly enough to make one decent playthrough.
So unfortunately, you're mostly limited to playing once every four hours. Unless of course you want to pay out the usual rather costly prices for consumable IAPs; varying from $1.99, $4.99 and around $25. There's no premium mode option and the quantity of coins you can buy doesn't create that feeling either. Unless you're willing to spend on the $25 option, you'll most likely run out of coins within a days play and even then, after that kind of expenditure, you'd hope the payoff would be a bit more permanent.

Whether that's a deal breaker for you is obviously you're decision, sadly I imagine most will turn their nose up because of the unnecessary freemium elements and I don't blame you. But there's a good game behind all the off-putting ideas that I feel deserves a lot more attention than I imagine it will receive.

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08-06-2014, 07:29 PM
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It's not half bad. Could use a little more polish but definitely worth giving a try .
08-07-2014, 02:58 AM
Game Impressions

08-07-2014, 09:41 PM
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Another cool idea destroyed by F2P. BS greedy devs.
08-11-2014, 07:29 AM
08-21-2014, 09:24 AM
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This game really needs an IAP that will get you more/infinite coins or at least makes waiting a lot faster with more coins to collect. Right now you can burn through the 50 coins you get in about 10 minutes and then you have to wait for 4 hours unless you buy coins?! Thats pretty crazy.