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App description: Get your thrills as you jump, swing, and hop from rooftop to rooftop with Dot Hang-man in this awesome game of free running skyscraper survival!
Want to swing into a good time?
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Dot hang-man is a challenging platformer game that will get your adrenaline pumping!
Its simple to understand but tricky to play. As you jump from roof to roof through the city in amazing feats of daredevil action, the rooftops get more and more narrow!
This awesome game of skill is great for gamers of all ages! Exciting gaming will keep you swinging for hours and hours!
Download Dot Hang-Man now!

Dot Hang-Man Features:

Free game
Fun and challenging
Awesome graphics and physics
Amazing game play that highly addictive
Sweet leaderboard to track your competition
Easy to understand rules and challenging game play
Classic Retro gaming design with modern physics engine
Professionally developed and expertly created for awesome gaming!

Swing into action by downloading Dot Hang-Man now!

snailzero's comments:

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▶ Game Description
Mission: Impossible!
Timing of the ultimate one-touch game addiction "Sky Hangman" is released.
Complex Instruction is not required. Mission is not required. If the unconditional survival.
Sky hangman the rope to move the timing of one building action game.
Breaks, while waiting for a bus commuter train Immerse yourself in the best addicting games.
"Sky Hangman (Dot Hang-Man)" is a free game with no additional purchase of an item.

▶ How to play
- The roof of the building ropeueul throw Hangman Go to the next building.
- Using the recoil rope moves to the next building success.
- Be careful dareuni each area of the building. Jyeoyeo increasingly narrow building.
- Called high wind's rough. The strength of the wind speed varies depending on the engineer's attention on the peninsula.
- Land is just one chance only. Falls dead.

▶ Features
- Simple Instruction timing and ultimate addictive action game.
- A design reminiscent of the classic game with a simple character animation, and sound comes out.
- Game Center support for leaderboards and I surprised someone to put up the best record out.
- Free Games with no additional purchase of an item.