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Student Needing Help

08-13-2014, 05:29 PM
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Student Needing Help

Hello Everyone. My Name is Dallas Parker and I am currently enrolled in Westwood's online program for Game Software Development. I have just started a new term and have a final project due in 8 weeks. I am looking for some help with art assests. The project I am working on is a top down 2d game. I do plan to release the game shortly after this term of 9 weeks as well. If anyone is able to help me out please contact me via e-mail at dallasp83@cableone.net.
I believe that I do not need a lot of material but do need some here is a basic list of what I am looking for
background - for the ground
fence / barricade
a few weapons
assult rifle
maching gun
and 3 types of enemies from the top down view
It would be greatly appricated if you could help out and credit will be given for any assests given.