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App description: Test your skills in Space Swiper, a fast-paced arcade shoot-em-up!

Lots and lots of power-ups to unlock!
Dangerous enemies to obliterate!
Game Center Leaderboard!
Easy to learn controls!
Many exclamation points!!!!!!

swisssk8er1's comments:
Hi, I'm the developer of Space Swiper. If you have any questions about the game, please ask.

09-09-2014, 03:24 AM
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I posted this review in the other thread in the promo section.
Putting here as well for the developer.

A fun space shooter.
Space Swiper has a retro feel and a neon video game look that almost has you looking for the slot to put your quarters in.
When you first play the game, it looks quite simple. But actually, you will find that it becomes more challenging as the levels go on. And, keep in mind, you're not just avoiding the other ships, you,re trying to not get hit by a bullet either.
Not so simple when they're shooting at you straightforward and diagonally sometimes. But luckily it is not a lost cause. There are power ups that you earn throughout the game. You just have to get to them by avoiding the bullets.
Simple controls for all ages. You just move your ship up or down to avoid anything coming at you and your ship automatically shoots. The strategy here is, to figure out which ships to shoot, which ones to leave alone, and whether to go up or down through the maze of bullets to get to that power up. There are specific goals to reach in the game, that unlock the ability to use specific Power ups.
Overall, Space Swiper is a fun time waster that might be hard to put down.