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Chasing John Doe (by NeWa Studios)

08-15-2014, 04:06 PM
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Chasing John Doe (by NeWa Studios)

Our app is finally finished and will soon be released in the next few weeks!

This is an endless runner game about 4 men who are either sexy, rich or famous and they are trying to runaway from obsessed women. The men have to dodge obstacles and vehicles in two scenarios to get as far away from the women as possible. Yes, men dream to have women chase them but let's face it, not all men can handle too much women. That's why celebrities barricade themselves with security guards!

Information about the game:

- 4 characters to select each with different specials
- Two scenarios: Posh Town and Ghetto Town
- 3 levels of energy (last one being the special)
- Gamecenter
- A store with different types of upgrades to purchase with currency you collected from any scenario

More information coming soon!