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App description: Legend of the Star: Their Realm is an animation mobile game published by StarG Technologies in 2014. With cats and dogs as main characters, a virtual world as background, it combines the features of Pet-Collect and RPG together, using 2D hand-drawing graphics and dynamic scenes to implement creative contents in many aspects.

Fun-filled Gameplay
Recruit cats and dogs as partners, collocate partners with unique abilities, lead them to grow mature in battle, and experience the adventure of fraternity with cats and dogs.
Residential Features: Cooking, Artifacts, Gems, Construction, Expedition. Various Random Events and mini-games are embedded in Stages. Visit Imperial Palace, Temple, Grocery Store, etc., in city, and receive random Quests in Office every day.

Fantastic Animation Genre of Ghibli and Miyazaki Hayao
Characters and scenes are featured in Ghibli animation style, which is delicate, lively, and impressive.
This is a feast of cat & dog cosplay with senior schnauzer mage and elegant, agile leopard cat thief...

Story Experience with Twists and Turns
Conspiracy will gradually reveal itself as the story proceeds. Rejoice with your intimate partners in this epic adventure!

Euphonious Music
Nearly 30 exclusive music tracks available all the time in music box, so make sure you play the game with your earphones on!

Contact us
If you have any problems in the game, or have suggestions, please send us an email!

Email: support@star7749.com
08-15-2014, 10:19 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
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It's like the animal channel commissioned square Enix to make a casual rpg with crafting and cooking. The production values are top notch, the English seems to have a few quirks and it seems pretty easy so far. The furry thing is kinda weird but the artwork is well done. What a quirky game!