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App description: Side Scrolling Space Arcade Action

This is not another bullet-hell shmup. No no no.

TimeTracer is an arcade-like action game designed as an homage to some old-school 80s arcade classics. It also contains path drawing elements found in more recent mobile games.

Set in the near future where an alien invasion has destroyed your home planet, you pilot a single uniquely designed ship against enemy defenses (both planetary and space).

TimeTracer presents you with a single, simple goal - reach the heart of the enemy base and destroy it. You will face a plethora of enemy units and obstacles, some of which include vertically launched rockets, horizontal missiles, enemy fighters that fire their own rockets, asteroids, comets, smart turrets, mobile turrents, barriers and space mines. There will also be civilian structures and a population that is not happy about your attack and will engage their own defense against you!

This will NOT be easy. There are 12 worlds where you can act as avenger - destroying everything in sight, or defender - defending the local population as they attempt to escape into space. Yikes!

To make things worse, the enemy has advanced hacking and jamming technology yielding all automated self-guided weapons useless. Double Yikes!

You DO have a fighting chance, however. Your ship is equipped with 3 innovative technologies that can win the day!

1. Salvage scoops. Just about everything in the game is destructible (Yay!!!). The fragments of destroyed enemies, buildings asteroids, etc can be scooped up by your ship and used by your science team to upgrade and unlock new weapons. The more salvage you obtain, the more awesome your arsenal.

2. Tracer Missiles. (This is the Tracer in TimeTracer). Being that enemy technology has ruled out the option of automated enemy seeking weapons, your science team has created a unique option to allow you to pre-program paths for missiles before you let them fly. This allows you to trace the path your weapon will take and then let-her-rip! This allows you to bring pinpoint critical accuracy to your weapons - even on a crowded battlefield. Note that you arent limited to straight line paths either - drawing looping or arcing paths to hit targets from below or behind can be an important strategy.

3. Time Stop. (This is the Time in TimeTracer). Your team has produced a mechanism for you to step out of the flowing river of time and to trace weapon paths at a leisurely non-frantic pace. When deployed, all activity will cease (including your ship flight, enemy movement - even explosions will be frozen in mid-splode!) and you will be able to outline a series of tracer missile paths that will be enjoined once time is re-started. This will allow you to take a time-out during a crowded and dangerous sequence in order to design a sophisticated and accurate attack on the enemy.

12 worlds of action with unknown dangers await you.

You are the TimeTracer!