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App description: What people are saying about our game:

"We really can't emphasize how much swiping you'll be doing." Android Authority http://www.androidauthority.com/finger-vs-axes-review-522902/

"Fingers VS Axes is a great time waster, thats definitely worth a look. Just be careful not to look too foolish in public as you madly swipe your finger across the screen! You should definitely give this game a chance!" Android Guys http://www.androidguys.com/2014/09/02/ultimate-battle-fingers-vs-axes-app-review/

"Being able to just load up a game like Finger VS Axes and just swipe the hell out of things is a lot of fun, and far more satisfying than you might think it is." Android Headlines http://www.androidheadlines.com/2014/08/sponsored-game-review-finger-vs-axes.html

Finger VS Axes is a funny action where you are the big boss. Use your finger to taunt the enemy. Swipe to evade & avoid its attacks. Bash and smash it on rocks when it's time! A fun arcade game featuring awesome weapon upgrades like a ball & chain, a machine gun turret, and a resistance shield. Play in multiple worlds and levels, with a progression difficulty. A small, fun and original game made to be interactive and entertaining. Axes vs Finger ... Enjoy and rate!

* Key game features *

Use your finger as the boss.
Swipe to evade & avoid the enemy attacks.
Smash and bash the enemy when it's time.
Shake to release its grip.
Complete multiple levels.
Fight a powerful tank.
Free fall into hell.

* Optional Features *

- Buy cool weapons to use.
- Use healing powers.
- Share with your friends.

Finger VS Axes Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43vYDyReAa4

Finger VS Axes Walthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j86zheNS6ZQ

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08-22-2014, 08:12 PM
Just wanted to bring this one to everyone's attention. Unique gameplay idea: your finger gets attacked by the enemy.
08-24-2014, 02:36 PM
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First Impressions:

Nice art style with innovative gameplay

Instead of a sprite you play as your finger, with the "shadow" of your finger being the visual representation of your character. You keep your finger on the screen, and your "guy" moves with your finger.
The controls are swipe based gestures (Swipe down to attack, shake (move your finger back and forth quickly) to release the enemies grip, etc.). They take a little bit of getting used to but work well so far. You get various weapons along the way which feel nice to use. It is level based, and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

It's FREE and a tiny file size, so there's no reason not to try this if you're at all intrigued.

Now...the negatives...which are to be expected in a Free iOS game in 2014 -- there's full page ads between each level. There are some social sharing aspects. I haven't hit anything remotely close to a paywall, or anything too annoyingly freemium...but I'm only a 1/2 hour in or so.

With a trailer like this, how can you not try it?

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