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Dear Developers: The TBS Game We All Want To Play

09-01-2009, 02:58 PM
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Dear Developers: The TBS Game We All Want To Play

I cannot program, nor do I pretend to be able to, I can't draw either.

I can, however, envision the most amazing strategy role playing that ipod touchers will pay out the nose for and will be the PREMIERE role playing experience
on mobile devices.

Why am I doing this?
I'm not interested in the money, I just want a damn game I'd enjoy playing.

Let's begin.

Title: "FantasyCraft: Tactics"
Genre: Strategy/RPG

Setting: High Feudal Fantasy

Synopsis: A coming of age tale of a young hero tasked to preserving a kingdom and ultimately the universe from a long dead tyrant God King of Death who has
been unleashed by a Wizard seduced by the power of the Unholy Relics. Join the hero as he meets interesting characters throughout an expansive game universe
as he recruits the aid of fully customizable mercenaries and powerful allies.

Why you should play this game:

Combat takes place on a 3d, tiled play field, which veterans of the genre and new comers alike should easily be able to navigate.

Your main character is fully customizable, and you can select one of eight classes, each with three different skill paths that can be used to balance and
Create a unique skill set.

You can recruit mercenaries that can also select from one of these nine classes, and can be customized in the same way.

Important story characters -can- join you and can have their own unique classes and skill trees.

Finding new, unique equipment - from weapons to armour to accessories, will also play an important role on your team's development.

Strength: Melee dmg + Successful Ability Effects (example: knockdowns, knockbacks, disarms - see individual skills)
Agility: Higher Crit%, Higher Dodge, Higher Initiative Bonus (explained later)
Defense: +Hitpoints, Used for Damage Calculation
Piety: Healing done + Less chance to be critcally hit, increase magic pool
Brilliance: Increase % for spell to 'hit', Increase spell damage, increase magic pool

You gain base class skills according to level ups.

The nine classes:
Soldier - heavy armour, heavy melee (Strength)
Path of the Armour Lord (very high defense and protective skills / bonuses) - Path of Rage (low defense, high damage output) - and Path of the Combatant
(good debuffs, decent defense, decent damage output)

Paladin - heavy armour, caster, heavy melee (Strength / Piety)
Path of the Paragon (high defense and auras that bolster your teammates defensive stats) - Path of the Adjucator (medium damage output, auras that bolster
damage output) - Path of the Arbiter (low damage output, high defense, medium direct heals, a resurrection spell in this path)

Vagrant - light armour, light melee
Path of the Cutpurse (low defense, medium attack, good enemy impairment + higher rate of stealing items) Path of the Wicked (extremely high situational
damage i.e. if behind, if from stealth, if enemy is under a certain negative status), Path of the Acrobat (high evasion based defense, high damage)

Will Bender - brilliance based caster, no armour
Path of The Summoner (summon stronger controllable spirits/demons - maximum controllable based on level and brilliance - new summons found in adventures and
trained in skill tree) - Path of The Mind Breaker (medium single target magical damage, potent skills to disable / debuff opponents) - Path of The Frenzier (
bolster medium level spirits/demons and all other allies with powerful buffs, very low damage)

Archer - ranged fighter, skill tree determines important stats
Path of the Dead-Eye (high agility, low defense, high single target ranged damage) Path of the Forest Walker (strength based short range shots and deployable
traps to immobilize and weaken targets before engaging) Path of the Ranger (medium single target ranged dmg with agility, small mana pool allows piety based
heals and self-damage increasing buffs to shots)

Magician - no armour, brilliance based
Path of the Flamebringer - (high costing high damage area effecting spells) Path of the Annihalator - (medium costing, high damage, long casting time single
target spells) - Path of the Frostmancer (can create barriers of ice to place on the field, can trap enemies in frost, can disable enemies, low-medium

Bishop - medium armour, very light melee (gets resurrections)
Path of the Lightbringer (cleanses debuffs, high group heals, heal over time, self defensive buffs) Path of The Purifier (willpower based damage spells that
heal your party) The Stalwart (group defensive buffs, focused single target healing)

Naturalist - medium armour, medium melee, shape changing fits to talent tree
Path of the Beast (shape change to a lion/tiger/bear, gain corresponding stat benefits, gear stats become multiplied based on form chosen +x% to y, -x% to
z), Path of the Storm Caller (medium single target brilliance based damage, medium level negative debuffs to enemies), Path of The Nurturer (piety based heal
over time buffs, medium single target heals, low level group heals)



At the beginning of an encounter, after you have deployed up to X characters to the map's starting area and are introduced to the map's objectives -
'Control This Area, Kill all enemies, Protect Character X, Kill Boss Y', what have you,
all characters on the map, including enemies, roll a number between 1 through 100, adding their Initiative Bonus (based on agility or other initiative
boosting effects), all units on the map get their turn in order of their initiative total.
Once the initiative has gone through all the characters, new totals are rolled again (accounting for whatever buffs or debuffs have been used)

The cycle on one entire initiative countdown is referred to as a 'Turn'

During a units turn, it may make one 'move' action, and an 'act' action.

Move actions consist of: moving, activating certain abilities that indicate they can be used as move actions, or using a focus action (regaining mana points
or regenerating some form of energy currency (perhaps used for thieves and warriors) )

Act Actions include: Attacking, Casting certain Spells, Opening a door, opening a treasure chest, disarming a trap

Some abilities will require both the move and act portions to be consumed in performing them - for example, a spell with a slightly slower casting time, a
powerful melee attack, or some other spell or ability that indicates that it requires both.

Some abilities are so powerful that they must be activated during one turn, and are completed at the beginning of that unit's next turn to act.
(resurrection, for example)

Characters gain experience in one of three ways - performing an action that harms an enemy, casting a beneficial spell on an ally, or performing a class
exclusive action (stealing something, disarming a trap)

note that action based xp, except for healing, is very low - however when an enemy dies, all friendly units that have interacted with the enemy OR the
character that performed the attack within 4 turns of its death will receive xp based on the enemies level vs the unit’s current xp level.

xp required to level can be balanced after initial testing to have characters, regardless of class, level at roughly the same rate.


Sample Combat Math:

A Level 14 Soldier with 110 Strength, wielding a Long sword that does 30-50 damage, attacks a level 9 goblin with 36 Agility and 30 defense, and 200 hit

All characters have a chance to dodge equal to the following:

5% - (Attacker Level - Defender Level)% + ([Defender Agility] / 18) + {dodge modifiers from buffs and debuffs} - {attackers modifiers not to be dodged} =
Dodge percentage

5% - (14-9) + (36/18) = 2% chance to dodge for the goblin

So, let's pretend we've hit the goblin. Let's assume for this hit we land on a 45 for the 30-50 long sword
Now, we add the melee power: Strength/2 = 55
So we get a total of 100 damage
Subtracting the Goblins defense...
70 damage! Wham!

Now, this soldier just so happens to have a full stamina bar (the energy currency for his class). 100/100
Some special abilities will recover Stamina
Some special abilities will spend Stamina

At level 14, the Soldier learned the skill 'Charging Strike', which requires 40 stamina to perform, and he must be at least one square away from the goblin.
The talent tree the Soldier went down had a talent that reduces the stamina charge cost for Charging Strike by 50% and ignores 50% of the target's defense.
This attack uses both a 'Move' and 'Act' Action.

The attack, base line, does Strength/2 + [Attacker Level]x1.5 - Defense of Target + Weapon Damage
So for a weapon damage roll of 45...

(110/2) + (14 x 1.5) - 30 + 45

but wait! let's not forget our ability to ignore 50% of the target's defense
(110/2) + (14 x 1.5) - 15 + 45 = 106 damage

Take that!


So we've got hero classes, stats, and a basic concept for combat math, a leveling plan, character customization, and the seed of a plot that I'm more than ready
to run with.

Random battles, random gear drops, the ability to steal gear, we can do gear crafting, we can do massive boss battles that allow you to deploy 10 characters,
15, heck whatever you want the players to do.

Content updates you can charge for (expansions)

and easy pick up and play for on the move iPod touchers.


Go ahead and e-mail me at AlanR@artofbeauty.com if you think you can give this idea some legs.

I can work on writing the script, plot, settings... I'm really willing to put some love and blood into this if you think you can make it work.
09-01-2009, 03:02 PM
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...and which existing game would you say comes closest to your idea? On any platform, not just iPhone.

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09-01-2009, 03:29 PM
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why do you ask?

i didn't know bleeding edge innovation was mandatory for a genre that is sorely under-represented on a particular platform.
09-01-2009, 03:33 PM
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That's still a lot of words to describe Final Fantasy Tactics...
09-01-2009, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by eatmosushi View Post
why do you ask?

i didn't know bleeding edge innovation was mandatory for a genre that is sorely under-represented on a particular platform.
Have you tried Mecho Wars? That's my favorite TBS game. Also online multiplayer coming in an update.
09-01-2009, 03:41 PM
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Mecho Wars is more along the lines of Advance Wars - there's really no character / stat / gear development.
09-01-2009, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by timb View Post
That's still a lot of words to describe Final Fantasy Tactics...
That's the game I was thinking of, although I've never played it. I was asking because I'm not big on TBS games at all but FFT has always looked a little interesting.

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09-01-2009, 03:49 PM
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Please stop posting this in every forum.