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Oscura Second Shadow $2.99 >>>> $0.99

08-26-2014, 08:32 PM
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Oscura Second Shadow $2.99 >>>> $0.99

Surprise Attack Games is proud to announce that Oscura: Second Shadow, the sequel to the Webby-nominated Oscura. O:SS brings classic platforming with a modern design and Gothic art style. Think the original Super Mario Bros., or Rayman games through the eyes of Tim Burton.

Check out the trailer: http://vimeo.com/97086259

08-26-2014, 10:39 PM
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TA Review 3.5/5 http://toucharcade.com/2014/07/02/os...adow-review-2/
"Other than some minor issues with the controls and a shortage of content. It’s an enjoyable platformer with a great graphical style with just enough strategy to keep players involved. Alas, in today’s world that puts it just above average compared to most other titles in the genre. Anyone that loves the visuals or are looking for another platformer. However, it’s a far cry from being a mandatory experience."

148 Review 4/5 http://www.148apps.com/reviews/oscura-shadow-review/
"With only 20 levels, feels shorter in comparison to other platformers, but it’s certainly a case of quality over quantity here. There are a number of smaller collectible cogs spread throughout each level (most of them hidden down a Super Mario-esque secret passageway), though most will be picked up on the first playthrough, so replay value really isn’t this game’s strong point. Still a mesmerizing game that will consume players while it lasts thanks to its spooky art style, terrific touch controls, and classic platforming action.


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