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App description: Bouncing Journey is an adventure the whole family can enjoy!

Help Zhee to find the captured princess.

Use the different ground surfaces in order to progress throughout the adventure.

The ground surfaces:
They all have different features : magnetized, bouncing, piping hot, and icy.

Gameplay mechanics:
Swing Zhee on vines, the wind will help you, use pivot platforms, propel Zhee with the use of geysers.

Avoid dangers:
Beyond the enemies, many traps dot your path such as spikes, fire, ice, and deadly gases!

- 5 different graphical universes

- Over 5 hours of gameplay

- A colored world

- Accessible for the whole family

- Checkpoints in order to ease the progression throughout the levels

Bouncing Journey is an independent video game produced by Zigomard and published by Tekneo.
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Old trailer from April 2013. Things could be different from the release

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Game Impressions

08-28-2014, 02:39 AM

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