App description: Pit yourself against atomic physics in Bond Breaker, a new puzzle game based on real nano-scale science.

You start this game in the smallest way possible - as a single proton. You dont even have an atom to call your own. Learn what it takes to be a proton, experience subatomic forces, and with luck and determination, grow into an atom of your own. Collide atoms together into molecules, or break them apart again using lasers, tunneling microscopes, and heat.

Created by TestTubeGames and scientists at the CaSTL research center at UC Irvine, this is truly the most accurate physics engine to date. After all, what other game is correct down to the atomic level? When you make and break molecular bonds, youll encounter real forces and real physics. You wont just be learning how to beat challenging puzzles, youll truly be gaining a new understanding of the atomic world.

This isnt just simple stuff, either! While the game assumes no prior knowledge, by the end, youll have an understanding of:

Atomic Energy Levels
Light Absorption
Muons, and their crazy effect on atoms
Morse Potentials
Plasmonics: a way to focus light more precisely than a laser
...and way more

Simply put, this is the most fun you can have without buying your own Scanning Tunneling Microscope!
08-27-2014, 06:30 AM
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Bond Breaker Trailer:

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Game Impressions

08-27-2014, 12:58 PM
Really intrigued by this. Is it totally free, or is there an IAP to unlock the full game?
08-29-2014, 12:10 PM
I'm surprised with how much I'm enjoying this and also at the lack of comments. It's a really nice Arcade Puzzler with humour, intelligence and some neat mechanics. It can take a little bit of thought to get into the rules of play but it's nice to see something new that uses science in a fun way.

I can't see any sign of IAPs, ads or any other kind of mischief so it's definitely worth giving it a download. - Daily iOS Roundups and Multi-Platform Reviews.
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