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Launch rockets at him to make him stop.

Hmm. That only annoyed him ... Good! KEEP DOING IT.

Take an animated journey through the weirdest reaches of space...

* Balance risk vs reward. Longer shots = more points. But do not miss!
* Reach goal milestones for score-boosting bonuses and unlock a bunch of silly costumes!
* Features two game modes: Classic Mode and Sixty Second Challenge.
* How mad can you make the moon? Can you make him stop singing?

It's you versus the moon. As you always knew it would be someday.

"A very approachable concept with a whole lot of personality and a surprising amount of nuance." - Touch Arcade
"Anyone will be able to pick up the game and have a blast playing it." - Modojo
"I had a lot more fun than I expected to, which is no small feat for a casual free-to-play arcade game." - 148Apps
08-27-2014, 05:37 AM
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Pine Entertainment

08-27-2014, 05:38 AM
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Edit: Andre beat me to it

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08-27-2014, 07:37 AM
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Game Impressions

08-28-2014, 10:45 AM
Hi Touch Arcade forumfolk.

My name's Shaun, creator of Shoot The Moon. I tend to visit these forums a lot for all my new release news, but I usually prefer to lurk from the shadows (shy retiring chap that I am.)

However given that there's a thread here about my game, I thought I should step out from the gloom and introduce myself.

First, however, I want to thank PeteOzzy for making the thread, Andre and Echoen for posting the trailer (even if Echoen was beaten by one tiny minute), and of course the enigmatic Gamingvideo for the gameplay vid.

Next, I'd like to explain a little about the concept behind Shoot the Moon, as I've had feedback from players who saw the cartoon style and the singing moon and assumed it was a game for little kids, only to be surprised by the difficulty.

I mean, It's not Flappy Bird level hard. Maaaybe more around Timberman level. (I admit it's difficult for me to judge after playing it so much.) But of course it's a very different game to both those releases -- far less twitchy, with more emphasis on judging of timing, movement and angles as you try to shoot the moving moon. In essence, think along the lines of trying to hit the UFO in Space Invaders, then really run with the idea to bring more depth to it.

Here's how the scoring mechanics work. I'll try to keep it brief so don't wall-of-text this thread toooo much.


OK, so I just wrote a pretty detailed explanation in notepad that would have totally wall-of-texted the thread. And afterwards I realised two things:

A) My wife said I was crazy because no one would read so much text. (The realisation part was I realised she's probably right because she usually is.)
B) Maybe I should let anyone who might be enjoying discovering how to maximise their score as they play do so without me going " HAY GUYS LET ME TELL HOW THIS WORKS NO SERIOUSLY LISTEN!"

...So I've cut it out for now. But let me just say that the main focus is on risk vs reward. Longshots (as in full range shots, as in 10pt base score) are the key to getting juicy point bonuses, and are ultimately the winningest way to keep the numbers of those pesky Angry Red Guys to a minimum.

(Missing the moon also reduces the Angry Red Guy count by one if there are any on screen, but this is definitely not the winningest way as you'll lose your second chance if you've earned one... and if you haven't, well, game over!)

So! Basically (and perhaps unsurprisingly?) longshots are key. You just need the skill to get them consistently.

Now I just spent so long writing my original version of this post that it's now 1:30am here (Australia), and I need to be up earlyish tomorrow, but I'll try to stick around a little before I fall asleep at my keyboard in case there are any questions.

So... any questions?

*crickets, muted coughs, tumbleweeds, the forlorn bark of a distant dog*

OK, well let me share this little story with you:

I was watching the leaderboard as the game went live in NZ last night, anxious to see what kind of scores players would manage.

Initially there were only two players, and the top one had a score of over 400 - an unexpectedly high score to get straight off the bat!

And the conversation with my wife went like this:

Me: "There's two players! And someone's already got over 400!"
Her: "Whaaaaaaat?" (Her best is about 80. She is no gamer.)
Me: "Oh my god, did I make it too easy? Oh wait... no it's ok. It's Andy."
Her: "Andy? Who's Andy?"
Me: "On the touch arcade forums, when a new game comes out and people start competing for score, whoever's on top usually says 'I wonder how long before Andy knocks me off.' That's Andy."
Her: "Oh." *Looks at Andy's score again.* "I wonder if you made it too hard?"

Then not long after than Andy scored 725, and I was like... no, it should be ok. I just need a few more Andys.

Edit: Holy crap, I still totally wall of texted the thread. See, this is why I usually lurk in silence.

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08-28-2014, 11:06 AM
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08-28-2014, 11:16 AM
hahah. Don't tempt me, seriously.

In the planning stages, once I decided that a moon would be the target, I actually considered using that as the reference for the art style throughout the whole game, no joke. It would have been something if I could have pulled it off properly, but I'm not sure if I could have tbh.
08-28-2014, 11:20 AM
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Would be great to see sometime. Even as a second IAP.

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08-28-2014, 11:27 AM
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This game is brilliant in it's own simplicity.

I am totally hooked.

I always try to beat Andy but not in this lifetime Ha Ha.
08-28-2014, 11:34 AM
@Zendorphin Oh gosh... that is an appealing idea.

It's just that I tend to work preeetty slowly. Carefully, I mean. Carefully.

I might have to put that on the 'dream feature' list.

I know I can't post inline images here due to < 20 posts, but here's a thumbnail of the very first titlescreen mockup I made way back when I started the game.


You can sort of see the direction I was considering.

Hmm.., maybe I shouldn't show such secret stuff. People might only say, "Yep, definitely should have done that."

@Roger. Oh man, thanks so much! I saw your name when I was obsessively watching the leaderboard earlier, and I was like, that's another touch arcader!!

Is it weird that I'm spending most of my time checking the leaderboard?

edit: PS, Roger, I strongly approve of your GC avatar.

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