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App description: IT'S CRUNCH TIME! Help Chomps and friends fatten-up by racing to catch falling cat food and treats, while avoiding pesky falling bricks.
GOBBLE POWER-UPS to pack on pounds, increase speed, and add bonus time. Use special points to get extra special power-ups for mega high scores in this fast-paced, fun, and very addictive game!

Poor Chomps cant get into his trick-or-treat bag, so that naughty kitty has blown it up! In this new Halloween version, Chomps has multiple costumes to choose from including Patch the pirate, Rags the mummy, Vlad the vampire, Spike the punk rocker, Poncho the mariachi, and Jack the pumpkinhead.

Tilt the screen to catch falling treats and power-ups. Pack on as much weight as possible in 60 seconds. Gobble power-ups to collect points and help Chomps fill his belly. Avoid falling bricks - they temporarily stun Chomps.

Donuts - are worth extra 25 pounds
Peppermints - make it rain candy like a pinata
Tuna cans - increase speed x2
Clocks - add 10 seconds of bonus time

Use points gained from PowerUps to get extra SPECIAL power-ups
Mega Donut - add 50 pounds, and 1 Special Point!
Candy Bricks - add 2 pounds, 1 Special Point, and NO STUN!
Extra Time - 15 extra seconds to the end of the round!

Challenge your friends in Game Center to see who can make Chomps the fattestand happiest!
08-28-2014, 09:57 AM

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