App description: * Carrot coins are falling down!
* Stack up them,
* Earn your house on the moon,
* And see who can do best!

## How To Play

* Swipe left and right to move the falling coin,
until it hit another coin or platform.

* Your score will increase after each coin stacked up.

* Each game turn is end when more than 1 coin hit platform or drop out of screen.

## Achivement

* You will get an stamp to justify your performance each turn :)

* Of course there are several achivements you can get.
Check them in `Achivement List`

zzdjk6's comments:
Hi all,

This is my first indie game and it has released on App Store:

You stack up carrot coins on the moon and try to get achievement (include a house).

For more details you may found in the LandPage or

Thank you for reading and welcome to give feedback even critical!

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