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Noir Run (by Kronnect Games) available on September 4th

08-29-2014, 06:38 PM
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Noir Run (by Kronnect Games) available on September 4th


Like most of indie developers my partner and I have put a lot of personal feelings in this game since the beginning. We often asked ourselves how many obstacles and fears we confront in life, from both personal and professional perspective.

Noir Run addresses this feelings.

In this game you control an avatar of an unknown guy, a smiley character, which must run fast through a misterious land known as Noir, avoiding pits, spikes, tentacles and all sort of dangers. The goal of the game is to overcome all obstacles to reach the end of each day, when you will have to confront the final despair. If you win, the next day (level) will unlock, with new obstacles and foes.

Game mechanics

Each time you jump/overcome an obstacle or kill a hanging foe (slashing them with the finger on the screen) you get one letter from a motivational quote. To finish the level you must complete the sentence, one word at a time.

The idea is that you must preserve your moral against the odds. Everything else is dark, gray or black, gloomy... When you complete the sentence you must confront the final boss of the level and remain alive for at least 60 seconds. When countdown reaches 0, you win and the next level is unlocked.

The game includes a vast number of randomized levels. Each level will include at least one distinct foe/obstacle. The game difficulty will be medium at the start, but increasingly hard.

To win some really hard levels you will need power-ups and gifts. Power-ups add insane special abilities for 10 seconds, like giant-growth, flying or shield.
On the other hand, gifts are available when the avatar dies. As you play Noir Run you get gift points, which you can spend when you die thus increasing your chances to complete that day. The game includes 4 different gifts, dodge, resistance, teleport and fast reaction, which improves your avatar chances to finish that level.


The world is a representation of fear, loneliness and oppression. The game features high quality cloud and storm animations, lightings and weather effects. Who knows, if you're lucky, may be you can turn this black world in something colorful...

The inspiration for the game aesthetics came from several sources. The game is gloomy and dark, hence the name, Noir Run, like classic noir films. The avatar, the smiley, is the only thing in color, representing your hope to change things and make the world a better place. When it sees a foe, it changes it changes the face (worry/sad). When it jumps or use a power-up, it freaks out. When there's no obstacle, it gets happy. It's a smiley!


Game trailers:


Platform compatibilty and Release date

Noir Run will be available on September 4th for iOS 7. The same app will be compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

Beta testing

There’s an ongoing beta program which you may join to contribute in future updates of Noir Run. If you want to help us with the beta-testing and add your voice to the game, please register here:

Contact info

Forum: kronnect.com
Twitter: @KronnectGames
Mail: contact@kronnect.me
08-30-2014, 04:49 PM
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Noir Run: the run of your life!

I had the chance to check Noir Run out some time before its official release in the Appstore next September 4, and I must say it's been a pleasant surprise. In a game market full of choices, it's very seldom that you face something captivating, intriguing and fresh - and Noir Run is the case.

From the first time I laid my hands on it, I noticed a superb work in the game atmosphere -really making honor out of its name- with visuals that had nothing to envy from latest indie masterpiece Limbo, and even over many mainstream million-dollar budget games.

You play as a colorful smiley lost in a black and white world with menacing, dark & misty ambience. Each stage represents a new day, and the foes and difficulties in your way really make it hard to get to the end. But once you do, every day has a new learning for you to get - a beautiful parabola of real life's everyday struggle. This way you go completing your days, and collecting the phrases your masters have for you to learn, until maybe you get to know something bigger...

The gameplay, along with the rich & layered parallax visuals, is one of its high points as well: it's packed full of diverse enemies in all shapes and sizes -from blades that cut through the floor, tentacles that grab you from the sky and some amazing boss fights- in a super fast-paced tempo. You need to be quick on your mind and fingers to get over this sometimes crazed out environment. Top all that with some amazing power ups and you got yourself a winner.

In short: Noir Run follows the path of the best exponents of the genre and even goes its way beyond, with an interesting narrative that goes along perfectly with the game, fitting it to a T. If you have yourself some minutes to spare (and you do!) download Noir Run and give it a try... you'll experience yourself what's like to, literally, run for your life.

Valentin S.