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App description: By the creators of Wendys Adventures in Neverland comes a romantic digital novel [The Girl with Swords Prince]! A little story of Wendy before she meets Peter Pan. Inspired by J. M. Barries Peter Pan.

Wendy is approaching her seventeenth birthday. With her debutant on the way, her aunt introduces Wendy to a wealthy viscount who is eager to marry Wendy. A story of Wendys fight to stop the marriage and her struggles in becoming a proper lady!

Wendy, the eldest and only daughter of Darlings family. Disciplined by her strict aunt, Wendy seems to be an ideal lady. But in fact, she is a brave and lively girl with love for adventures.
Ill have no choice but to grow up someday. Just like everyone else.

Roy, butler in Darlings family and Wendys fencing teacher. He watched over Wendy since she was 4 years old. He is willing to do anything to protect Wendy from this unwanted marriage.
Dont strain yourself. Meet him first. If you dont like him, give me a sign. Ill come to take you away.

Gerald, eldest son of a world famous earl. With wealth, honor and status, he seems to be a perfect man. Only problem is, he cant stop boasting about himself like a fool.
I, am Gerald von Macklin. Precisely the famous heir of von Macklin family. Im sure youve heard a lot about me.

[The Girl with Swords Prince] includes Alfreds Special Epilogue from EEC Ver. and [Wendys Adventures in Neverland] Trial Version.
Additionally, Wendys Voice Support has been added to the system (ON/OFF available). Quality has been enhanced with modifications in graphics and script directions.

Genre: Digital Novel
Play Time: Approx 2h 20min
Support: Full Voice
* The following is a digital novel without any user choice selection system.
(This is an official categorization rated by GRAC of Korea in 2013)
09-01-2014, 08:22 PM
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Took one for the team (love that phrase, had to use it once in this forum) and honestly this is a good book. Classic case of woman being a lady and trying to get out of that gender role and has interesting characters. The case to take advantage of wealth through being a lady is quite a potent argument too.

Beautiful visuals too. Deserves to at least have a mention but I do see it described as a digital/graphic novel since no interaction through choices means it's not a visual novel. Voice acting isn't in English but the game is in English.
09-01-2014, 09:40 PM
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So this is basically a fan fiction prequel to Peter Pan that puts Wendy in a Pride and Prejudice type of story?

Wait... Wasn't Wendy a lot younger than 16 when she met Peter Pan?