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App description: WARNING: World at War is a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

Soldiers are attacking you! Those deadly soldiers are trying to cross the water and invade! You must drop a bomb to create a blast chain reaction to destroy your enemies!

Youre running out of ammo, so using just one bomb at a time, explode your artillery to create a blast radius chain reaction to wipe out as many of the enemy as you can!

Bomb those pesky soldiers in 80 fun filled puzzle arcade action levels and show them no mercy!

Features include:
Fantastic graphics that will leave you bursting for more.
Simple 1 button gameplay, anyone can play this game!
Killer soundtrack!
80 levels of Boom Blasting Soldier puzzle arcade action.
Dropping bombs and creating chain reactions has never been so addictive!

This is a 100% indie game, so your support really counts! Every review or purchase helps me to live my dream of making great games that people love.

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100% Indie Game!
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09-02-2014, 04:08 AM
There was a thread where people talked and judged a game (almost) only by the icon. I admit, that's what i did with your games, too. Reading your name over the past few months so many times, i visited the app store to see what's up with it. Holy cow, about 80 games (lite+full $3 each) and not one that i ever gave a download. Suspicious. So i gave this lite version a chance...

Remaining speechless...

Edit: you're right psj, i simply forgot to mention the long names, another indicator for me is pro, as well.
Already more time invested than this game deserves.

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09-02-2014, 04:15 AM
Joined: Jan 2011
Location: England
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I've never been one bothered by the icons but the long names i find very off putting and a bit amateur-ish really.

Checked out their other games and its very similar, lots of games with crazy long names. Hardly any feedback on their threads here, all a bit strange

I love buying games from indie devs but $2.99 for this ?