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App description: Iconic challenges you to translate icons into words. Test your knowledge of visual language and pop culture in a ridiculously fun trivia game!

If you enjoyed Draw Something and Heads Up!, then you are bound to enjoy what Iconic has to offer. - AppAdvice

Iconic is very, very sleek. It's head and shoulders more attractive than any other guess-the-phrase game I've seen out there. - AppsZoom

If youre fond of music, movies, history and wish knowing even more, Iconic is your app - 4.5/5, AppsRumors

Were surrounded by icons, emoticons, smilies, and other symbols. The meaning behind them is universal: Stop, Go, Play, Shop, Smile, Like, Share. What if the names of your favorite bands, movies, and celebrities are displayed as clever icons?

Crack the visual code and combine clues with your icon smarts to impress your friends and fill your day with priceless a ha moments.

- 250 hand-drawn icons
- Categories include Movies, Music, and People (with more categories to come)
- Share any quiz on Facebook if you need help from friends
- Every solved puzzle includes a Wikipedia excerpt

Iconic is all about clear icons and beautiful, minimalistic design. Nothing stands between fun puzzles and your amazing trivia-solving skills :)

If you enjoy playing Iconic, please take a minute to leave a nice review, it really helps!

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FlowStudioGames's comments:

I wanted to let you know about *Iconic,* a game that lets players translate witty icons into popular movies, celebrities and musical artists/bands. Can you guess what the image below represents? There are another 199 puzzles just like this in *Iconic* -- which can be downloaded for free from the App Store. And if you want to see the game in action before downloading, just watch the official trailer.

If you're not from New Zealand you can download the game now using one of these codes:



09-02-2014, 04:02 PM
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XJ7N3Y6NFP6W taken!

Thank you very much. I will leave some imps once I arrive home and try it.
09-02-2014, 04:16 PM
Joined: Feb 2010
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T6EM9WKLRMPL taken, thank you.

ıllıllı ȼǥɲƹƮȿƹ˅ƹɲ ıllıllı
09-02-2014, 06:24 PM
Joined: Sep 2010
Posts: 8
OK, I have played Iconic for a while and I can say that it's not bad at all. In fact I'm quite enjoying it.

The first thing you notice is the really sleek presentation. Very sharp and clean.

Regarding the puzzles, so far they are a bit on the easy side, mainly because usually the icon is quite obvious, being just a literal drawing of one of the words.

I'm just at level 23, so I presume things are going to get tougher.

Every correct answer awards you with just one coin, which you can use later to spend in hints. So far I haven't used any, but considering that every clue costs 15 coins and solving the puzzle 30 coins, I'm afraid that it pushes towards the IAP to buy more coins.

During my time with the game, I have just found one full screen ad, but the IAPs seems to include ad removal (except for the cheapest one).

All in all, being free you could do far worse than downloading this app if you like this kind of games. Just don't expect extremely witty puzzles to really tax your brain.

Last edited by marshal; 09-02-2014 at 09:17 PM.
09-04-2014, 09:15 AM
Joined: Dec 2011
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Thanks Marshall, there are some more difficult puzzles later in the game Glad you like it, although this is a truly casual game which is in a contrast to more hard-core audience here at TA.

Petr from Flow Studio