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iPad: Game Dev Clicker (Development Update)

09-03-2014, 01:40 PM
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Game Dev Clicker (Development Update)

Hi all, thanks for all the messages you are sending us. I have some news about the game. first of all we release a web with some press information and screenshots:


We were working a lot with the incremental values, its really hard for the amount of variables we are managing, but we are in the right track. We will putting more effort in the visual aspect of the game next week. We want to make the game more alive, including more office designs and different characters.

Here are some new screens of the game:
First few minutes

almost complete office

Improving your stats

[Character behaviour

Some situations that may happend

We would appreciate if you could share this game, we are working hard to develop an amazing gaming experience.
A closed beta will be ready soon.