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Treasure Tombs - Ra Deal --- just announced

09-04-2014, 08:54 AM
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Treasure Tombs - Ra Deal --- just announced

Hey everyone,

We've just announced Treasure Tombs - Ra Deal for iOS, which we'll be publishing with Bulkypix this fall. It's a sort of mix of Dungelot meets Indy Jones, with a lot of comedy added!


The official description -

In Treasure Tombs, you'll slip into the boots of the world famous and sometimes-successful adventurer, Colorado Cajones, who's just gotten himself into another fine mess. Just one mis-step, and now Colorado needs your help to escape the cursed crypt of the ancient pharaoh Ra-Khan. Explore dark and dusty tombs, collect treasures and avoid curses (both ancient, and foul-mouthed in nature) as you race through each level before time, and Cojone's luck, runs out.

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09-04-2014, 09:26 AM
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Looks good

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