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RabbitMen-A new tower defense game!!

09-04-2014, 09:52 PM
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RabbitMen-A new tower defense game!!


Horizontal version of the new tower- defense game, you never played!
In 2114, a super flu virus HXNY appeared in the world, a large number of biological dead, after investigation, the source of the virus is susliks army. In order to eliminate the virus, the rabbit forces to fight them. Unfortunately, the susliks using virus developed biochemical soldiers, a large number of cities falls, many of the scientists, intelligence being held in the city. In order to save them, to rebuild their homes, the rabbits fought bravely, in 2114 they launched strikes back with a hardcover x-men forces.
There are 5 themes levels, has more than 30 challenging levels, and grasp the last update!
More than 40 cute roles, with various skills soldiers, BOSS, let you have fun in the challenges!
36 paragraph attributes to upgrade, let you make the soldiers belong to you!
4 wonderful props "super bomb" "time frozen" "flame gun" "death door" to help you!
3 levels model "wave" "BOSS" "time" more models updated!!
Perfect display support “iPhone4” “iPhone5” “iPad” “iPad mini”!
Both Chinese and English version support!
Many so-cute graphics and animations, it is amazing!
Support game center, waiting for your reach more achievements!

IOS elite game team spent few months of great efforts into developing RABBIT MEN. And you are sincerely invited to play the game!
SINA: @gallopgame
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