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Magical Drop Touch

09-02-2009, 08:28 AM
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Magical Drop Touch

Originally Posted by pixelatedgeek.com
In the arcade of my youth there were these red colored arcade cabinets. They were always a treat to find, usually containing at least 3 Games. My Favorite games on these arcade cabinets was this fun little Puzzle Game called Magic Drop. Itís the type thatís easy to play and difficult to master. The addiction started off small until my friends and I would spend entire afternoon battling each other to see who the Master was. Well my long wait is over Magic Drop is making itís way to Mobile Devices with the Release of Magic Drop Touch.

Magic Drop Touch is currently available on Android Phones and is on itís way to the iTunes App Store sometime in August. The Game contains a Story Mode and an Endless Mode and features 6 Playable Characters from the Magic Drop Universe ranging from Star, Justice, Chariot, World, Fool, to the Devil.

I have to say out of all the platforms that Magic Drop could go to the iPhone seems like a pretty good one. Keep your eyes peeled come August for some Magic Droup Touch Fun!!!!!

Any news from this lovely and addictive game?
Can't wait to see it on the AppStore, with P2P gaming for some hardcore battles!

P.-S. I've e-mailed the developpers to have some feedbacks about it