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7 Pips - A Challenging Puzzle Game of Math & Planning

09-10-2014, 11:56 PM
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7 Pips - A Challenging Puzzle Game of Math & Planning

iOS App Store Download Link

Release Date: 11th September

Hi all,

After my previous stage-based puzzle game: Causality, I now bring to you 7 Pips!

This game will be available for both iOS and Android.

7 Pips is a endless/survival style puzzle game. It requires a bit of simple mathematical calculation, more importantly the ability to plan ahead. Basic gameplay as follows:

- Every move, you place a die faced tile on the 4x4 board
- The tile could be of one of two colors
- The value of the tile that was placed would be
a. added to adjacent tiles of the same color
b. subtracted from adjacent tiles of different color
- values roll over at 1 and 7 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,etc), eg, 5+4 = 2, 3-6=4
<There is a in-game help system that helps display the calculated final values of tiles adjacent where you want to place your current tile>

- Adds or subtract a tile to exactly 7 and you will clear it from the board, scoring it.
- Clearing more tiles with a single move earns exponentially more points (so plan your tile placement for best scoring output!)
- Fill up all 16 slots of the board and its Game Over.

This game is currently available on the Windows Phone Store, was featured on the store over the past few weeks in various countries.

A review by WPCentral can be read here

I hope those who liked my previous game would love this too. And I hope even more people would give my games a chance.

New Trailer:

Here is a video going through the instructions of the game:

And here is a gameplay video

Some Screenshots:

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09-12-2014, 02:01 AM
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Here's is an article on the impression of 7 Pips by RegretZero


09-17-2014, 11:36 AM
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Actually quite impressed with this.

It's ad supported, but you seem to get one ad for every game you complete and that takes a while, so it's not intrusive.

The video above should give a good idea of gameplay, but for those who want more detail:

As the app description says, it's definitely not a Threes/2048 clone, although I expect it will appeal to Threes fans. The scoring system is similar, but gameplay is very different.

You choose exactly where to place each tile, then it doesn't move unless you clear it, so you have to carefully consider every move.

Each tile ypu place has a number between one and six and a colour.

If you place a tile next to another tile of the same colour, the other tile's value increases by the new tile's value.

If you place a tile next to another tile of the other colour, the other tile's value decreases by the new tile's value.

All sums are modulo 7. E.g:


If you turn a tile into a seven, it disappears, freeing up space and scoring points. Creating multiple sevens at once earns more points. Other tiles remain on the board until you can make them into a seven.

The game ends if the board is completely full.
09-17-2014, 11:55 AM
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Just reread the initial post. I assumed it was just the appinfo but there's actually a pretty in depth description. Not sure why I went to so much effort writing my own now.

Still, give it a try!
09-17-2014, 09:50 PM
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haha, Thank you very much @mr_bez. Glad you liked it.

While the game was in development I was thinking this game might be substantial enough for a publisher, seemingly, Halfbrick turned me down for Hueron, Noodlecake dropped out of discussion in favor of Joinz, Ayopa came to me a little too late.

I should have delayed the release and went with Ayopa games, they would have caught eyes that my own pathetic marketing attempts could not. None of the gaming websites responded to my review requests, the only ones who bothered to write an article about the game without me asking are from the Asian countries (and RegretZero). This is Causality all over again.

Meanwhile, Sword King made it on TA's new release list (last week same day 7 Pips was released) and Pocket Gamer even bothered to review it.

I feel so jaded.
09-21-2014, 10:26 PM
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There will be an update soon. Changes are made to make the game more beginner friendly and at the same time provides more information to players for strategic decision making.
10-07-2014, 11:44 AM
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Hola~ the new update to 7 Pips is now available for the iOS users~. You should be able to score better now, kukuku.

PS: This update does not contain the "Rate this game now!" prompt, so please rate 7 Pips now if you havent already