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App description: Airships, pirates, and steam powered flying prowess abound!
Steamblitz: Age of Pirates is a Steampunk game like no other! Clear the skies of the Air Pirate menace as you deliver cargo and goods to all corners of the Empire.
Steamblitz is an awesome Steampunk journey that will blow your pith helmet and Steampunk goggles off into the aether. Steamblitz was developed by expert gizmologists of the epic persuasion! Whether you are a part time Coggler, Steampunk gamer, or thrunge plate designer this game will bring you and your confabulators hours of Steampunk fun and entertainment. Scriptorians and curiosity arousers, get out your mustache wax, download this game and put on your flying trousers.

Steamblitz Features:
Steam powered contraptions
16 Excellent achievements
Amazing 3D digital etchings
A sky pirate safari unlike any other
7 expertly crafted sky maps to explore
Dozens of Steampunk airships and blimps to pilot
Play as a pirate or a brave Royal Aeromotive Forces ensign
Fend off pirates as you deliver your cargo to Victorian era cities and remote bases
Professionally developed and expertly created Steampunk gaming for all ages

Download Steamblitz now and take to the skies!
09-14-2014, 12:26 PM
Joined: Apr 2014
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This could be fun.

Curious to see how the gameplay is like.

Edit: Not my cup of tea.

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