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The Dodgers - Coming Soon

09-15-2014, 02:55 PM
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The Dodgers - where action meets card game!

Help the Dodge family to survive the hard times. Control the birds flight and avoid incoming obstacles. Achieve perfection by combining birds in nine poker figures!

4 different members of family ready to survive
18 predefined obstacle figures
3 leaderboards
10 achievements
5 types of power-ups
5 awesome soundtracks
Additional points for 9 different poker figures
Easily in starting and pleasantly in mastering gameplay

Shield is an one time protection for one of the member of family
Pentagon is a blasting wave clearing the screen from obstacles
Thunderbolt makes you as fast as Flash Gordon so the time for you slows down
Clones duplicates one of your family member
Star makes one of your member a Super Star so nothing can threaten him

Poker figures and achievements:
Royal Flush is for 1000 points. For example "AAAAAA".
Straight Flush is for 900 points. This is exactly "ABccdd".
Four Of A Kind is for 800 points. For example "AAAAB".
Full House is for 700 points. For example "AAABB".
Flush is for 600 points. For example "cccc".
Straight is for 500 points. This is exactly "ABcd".
Three Of A Kind is for 400 points. For example "AAABc".
Two Pair is for 300 points. For example "AABBc".
One Pair is for 200 points. For example "AABcd".

All points are given for the first time and half of that for each next. In examples the "A" stands for dad, "B" for mom, "c" for son and "d" for daughter.

"Hall Of Fame" is a top high score rank
"Most Birds" is a rank of highest number of birds had simultaneously
"Most Figures" is a rank of highest number of poker figures collected in a game

Coming soon on iOS

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09-15-2014, 05:13 PM
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Go Doyers!