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If you didn't think GameSalad was the real deal...

09-02-2009, 11:59 PM
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If you didn't think GameSalad was the real deal...

...then just watch the video (oh yeah, that car game is mine)


GameSalad Gears Up for iPhone Publishing System with Expanded Features and New Services

Mac Game Creation Utility to Allow Users to Publish Games to the iPhone

Austin, TX — September 2, 2009 — GameSalad, an online community created to support amateur and professional game development, launched as an open beta application earlier this year is now preparing for the official release of its long awaited iPhone publishing system. In the next few weeks, Gendai Games will be launching a new service that allows games created with the free GameSalad Creator tool to be marketed and sold on the iPhone App Store.

GameSalad is an open platform that allows non-programmers to create games for the web, social networks like Facebook, and also for iPhone. The application is completely free to download from http://gamesalad.com. The social utility allows users to become game designers, creating their own unique games and offering the ability to connect and collaborate with other users. An innovative technology with a user-friendly interface, GameSalad gives would-be game designers access to complex algorithms necessary for implementing professional-level artificial intelligence and game play, without programming knowledge.

“We’re at an extremely exciting point in our company”, says Gendai Games CEO, Michael Agustin. “The number one feature that everyone has been clamoring for is an easy, more intuitive way to create a game for the iPhone. With GameSalad’s visual based logic system along with it’s drag-and-drop interface - we are poised to make that a reality.”

GameSalad features:

A community focused on game design and idea exchange
Resources for game creation, including access to experts and interactive media
Innovative tools for game creation that eliminate the need for advanced programming knowledge
A platform for publishing and marketing user created on the iPhone
For additional information, contact Nestor Hernandez or visit http://gamesalad.com/press

About Gendai Games

Gendai Games is an innovator in modern game design. The company develops game creation technologies enabled by the social web. Gendai Games’ technologies provide powerful tools and processes ideal for the creation of sophisticated games and interactive media. The company pairs unique technology with social media to bring game creators and players together.

Artist and dev for Team Dropkick
09-07-2009, 04:22 AM
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I know it's free to download, but will it share profit after upload the game?

or it's totally free?
09-07-2009, 09:18 AM
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You get all of the profit of your sales(apples 30%cut too) it's not game by game sales, more subscription based

Artist and dev for Team Dropkick
09-07-2009, 06:03 PM
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They REALLY need to get a save and pause feature (possible as is, but not as convenient) in there. But yeah, I'm super excited right now! So many ideas that I can finally put in my iPod (gonna get one next week if it's out!!!).