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App description: Haypi is proud to introduce Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King. This new Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy War Game is the sequel to Haypi Kingdom, which was ranked amongst the Top 10 Grossing for 3 consecutive years from 2010 to 2012. Although it took the old team for 2 years, The Return of the King fulfills the genre to a further stage in gameplay, storyline, events and even art style.

Set in the Middle Age, things are so restless in this kingdom of magic and darkness. The Rebels are rising, the Orcs are causing havoc, the Demons are pulverizing things on their path, and other Lords are coveting your resourcesStrife and bloodshed are seen everywhere, homeless people are living in a desperate plight.

You, as a feudal lord, will lead an army of bravery; besiege forts; conquer lands; recruit diversified heroes, and you'll also strategize your combat formations and go on an expedition thousands of miles away. You're about to save your people from suffering and chaos; construct a new superpower from the ruins; expand your realm and protect it from invaders.

The bugle is now blowing again from the ashes and smoke of the battlefield. There's a folklore spreading in the word of mouth: "The Legendary King/Queen shall return in a blaze of glory, expel the monsters, dominate the whole kingdom and bring back peace and joy to the world ever after."

[Quality Continues]: Same Team, Better Work. Its all about strategy and war tactics;
[Core Gameplay]: Build, Attack, Recruit, Train, and Develop;
* A diversity of troops and technologies.
* A variety of heroes and skills.
* 6 races, creepy creatures, and a fabulous adventure.
* 10 scenes, hundreds of levels, and interesting storylines.
* Plenty of activities.
* Vivid animations and exquisite artwork.
* Synthesizing, Enhancing and disenchanting as you wish.
[Allies Ally]: Join in Alliance, Buff up Selves;
* Personal growth and team work blend.
* Allies share Alliance Boxes.
* Alliance Techs buff up allies' city development.
[Player Interactions]: Collaborative tasks, chat and more;
* Work together with other players from different regions to develop the world!
* PVP tournaments, fierce combat and plunder;

The King shall return! The glory days shall return! The whole kingdom awaits your return!
09-17-2014, 07:15 PM
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Was expecting a 3D game for my soon to be iPhone 6 but it's back to the basic with tasteless graphic and battle mechanism.