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App description: iTilt brings the classic clickmazes tilt-maze puzzle-range to the iPhone/iPod. Developed in close collaboration with the original puzzle designer, Andrea Gilbert, and incorporating an array of new challenges and new features, these puzzles will astound, baffle and delight in equal measure. Young and old alike.

Roll the balls around the tray to collect jewels, or to reach the elusive skull-and-cross-bones. Think you've seen it all before? Think again! No dexterity needed. No random element. No race against the clock. These puzzles require only a sharp mind, a good memory, and determination to succeed.

iTilt Version 1.1 includes four puzzle-packs to explore:

Single-goal mazes :- Looks can be deceiving. Just a single jewel to collect, but so elusive! Beware the loops, dead-ends and traps.

Multi-goal mazes :- These will baffle the hardiest of puzzle aficionados. Clearing the board will require careful planning and perseverance. One false step is all it takes to miss a jewel, and lose your way.

Synchronised tilt-mazes :- These puzzles are double trouble. The red and blue balls must reach their jewels in perfect synchronisation and avoiding contact at all cost.

Marble-mazes :- Test your puzzle-solving skills to their limit. Roll the orange balls, in careful coordination, to the sacrificial skull-and-cross-bones. Black balls may help or hinder your quest.

mrbass's comments:
Some of these puzzles aren't for the feint of heart either as they're quite challenging. Andrea for years has been putting out logical puzzle games on her website at clickmazes.com

I had a little tidbit for almost a year at bottom of my iphone webpage saying something to the effect someone should contact Andrea to see about porting those tilt mazes to iphone as it's the perfect platform for them. Glad finally she came out with her own version and look forward to even more of those maze puzzle collections making their way over to the iphone.

iTilt has the following puzzles:
Single Goal has 26 mazes ranging from 4x4 up to 10x10.
Multi Goal has 34 mazes ranging from 4x4 up to 10x10.
Synchronized Tilt has 13 mazes
Marble has 26 mazes.

try demo
09-03-2009, 10:27 AM
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there's alot of games like this already

but $0.99.... worth a try