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  • Publisher: Bulkypix
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 46.1 MB
  • Version: 1.1
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating:
    Not enough votes.
App description: Nimble Squiggles is a casual puzzle game for players of any age, where the player, with movement of his finger, has to help squiggles escaping by leading them to a funnel.

Squiggles are affected by gravity points, one of them is special one controlled by player, so he has only indirect control over squiggles.

One of key concepts of the game is matching colors. Each squiggle has a specific color. Squiggle can only pass through the lane of the same color. The same idea of color-matching applies to the funnels, gravity points and other interactive objects.

On their way to escape squiggles travel through labyrinths full of spikes, colored bombs, valves, moving saw blades and other interactive objects.

The primary game mechanics are simple and very easy to master.

3 grade reward system suitable both for beginners and more experienced player:
- Normal: collect minimum amount of squiggles
- Perfect: collect all squiggles
- Time perfect: same as perfect, but with time limit)


- Unique gameplay
- Color-matching puzzles
- 60 hand-crafted levels
- Attractive HD graphics
- Lead squiggle swarm
- Indirect control

PeteOzzy's comments:

09-24-2014, 05:41 AM
Joined: Nov 2012
Location: ID
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Looks unique

Game Center ID: copaeci

09-24-2014, 05:42 AM
Interesting.. I like unique games
09-24-2014, 07:52 AM
Joined: Jul 2012
Location: U.S.
Posts: 3,244
I really like the artwork on this one.
09-24-2014, 09:03 AM
Joined: Jan 2014
Posts: 770
This has a great look. Conceptually this could be a great game. Looking forward to hearing what the gameplay is like & if it becomes repetitive. Sure seems like a winner. Love games that are a little unique & push originality.
09-24-2014, 10:12 AM
Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 2,170
This looks really good. I'm digging the icon!
09-24-2014, 01:55 PM
Joined: May 2014
Location: Sweden
Posts: 356
Game Impressions

09-25-2014, 12:38 AM
Joined: Oct 2011
Location: NYC suburbs (New Jersey)
Posts: 1,626
Bought this and I have no regrets. Soothing and clever gameplay, GC integration, only 99 cents.

You have to keep the Squiggles within the ball and get them to the target. You are judged on the following: you simply complete the level, get a perfect rating, or complete the level by a certain time which isn't displayed.

This is the first Bulkypix published game I've been impressed with during the last couple months.

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Let's go Yankees!
09-25-2014, 12:45 AM
Joined: Aug 2012
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Could someone please post a video with longer gameplay?
09-25-2014, 08:19 AM
Joined: Jan 2014
Posts: 770
So far so good. I'm having fun moving the little guys around to the target. Changing of colors & a few other items are keeping it interesting. Only 20-30 mins in so far but a pretty solid game & we'll worth $.99 cents

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