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Boom Brigade (top down shooter with line drawing)

09-03-2009, 03:14 PM
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Boom Brigade (top down shooter with line drawing)

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The hybridisation of game genres on the App Store continues apace.

The latest news from the gene splicing lab is that Finnish developer 10tons's new game Boom Brigade is a top-down shooter that has you drawing lines to get your squad of soldiers dealing with waves of incoming invaders.

You can select the load out for each trooper, with options including a minigun, a bazooka, or a shotgun. They fire their weapons automatically at the alien horde, so you're job is to keep them moving and out of trouble.

Each mission is pure survival and has you defending a bunker. The longer you survives, the higher the score.

Aliens also drop loot which can be used to reinforce your squad, heal and upgrade the troops, and repair the bunker.

"We wanted to create a classic game that uses modern controls on Apple's mobile devices," commented designer Timo Palonen.

"We've tried to polish the game experience and difficulty curve to perfection. And now that's almost finished, we think it offers a fun challenge for all kinds of players. It's easy to pick up, but reaching the higher boss waves takes some practice."
09-18-2009, 10:54 PM
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